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Dutch Doctor Who Forcibly Euthanized Patient Against Her Will Declares She Would Do It Again

Holland is known for her support of eugenics by way of euthanasia. This is a tremendous scandal, but according to a recent story from Dutch News, a doctor who was acquitted of murder after euthanizing a patient against her will said that she would do it again. he doctor who was cleared of murder for […]

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Why Not? Now Scientists Are Talking About A New Swine Flu Strain For A Second Pandemic

Right now, the world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may ask, how could things become even worse, perhaps outside of a second pandemic. Yet this is what CNBC reports, that there is the possibility of a second pandemic in the making right now, this time involving swine flu. Scientists have identified […]

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Report: Trump Casual Talks With World Leaders Actively Threaten US National Security

I have said before, and I will not stop emphasizing that regardless what one thinks of Trump, given the situation by which he was elected, he was given an opportunity of history to make a real and good difference for many. I do not believe anybody who wants to speak objective about his legacy can […]

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Almost Half Of The US Is Out Of Work

Having a job is a very important responsibility in the US because if one does not have money, one cannot participate fully in society. The reality of a “pay-to-play” system is serious, and the less money one has, the less one can partake of it. It is of great interest then that recent numbers show […]

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