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Is Trump Now Losing His Evangelical Supporters?

Trump is seriously losing support, and as Yahoo! News notes by way of the LA Times, he is at a serious risk of losing Evangelical support over the recent Supreme Court rulings on LGB and T issues. White evangelical voters have been the staunchest supporters of President Trump, putting aside misgivings over his crass statements […]

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Disney World Re-Opens In Spite Of Increasing COVID-19 Cases

Disney World has sometimes been described as the ‘happiest place on Earth’, but getting sick is not a happy thing. In fact, the spread of COVID-19 cases to various areas has been connected to visits to Disney World. It is not hard to imagine why- putting a lot of people in a close area is […]

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It’s Not Just Us, Prepare For Future Shocks While There Is Still Time

I have followed many websites over the years discussing various trends and ideas, as well as those which express a wide range of views. One of those are the sites run by Michael Snyder, an American Evangelical who runs a series of websites discussing the decline of the American economy. According to one of his […]

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Report: Weather Extremes As One Of The Coldest Places On Earth Hits Record-Breaking 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Verkhoyansk is one of the coldest places on earth along with her neighbor several hundred miles away in Oymyakon (the coldest place on Earth), located in remote northeastern Russia. However, Science News reports that the town had temperatures over 100 degrees, and while the matter is formally being investigated by scientists, if it is officially […]

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