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AI Powered Robot Is The Star Of An Upcoming Film

Robots are going to be the next major thing that ‘revolutionizes’ life just as the production line and Internet did for previous generations of people. Robots will become so important that it is difficult to emphasize how major this is and how serious the changes will be simply in writing. What I speak of is […]

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Famed Conservative TV Hostess Tomi Lahren Supports Recent Supreme Court Ruling, Says Christians Can Support Homosexuality

In a recent story from Fox News, famed TV news hostess Tomi Lahren said that one can be a Christians and support homosexuality. In Tuesday’s episode of “Final Thoughts,” Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren argued that the conservative ideology should be inclusive enough to accept the Supreme Court decision. “You can be Christian, conservative, and a […]

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Medical Professionals Agree: We Are Undercounting Coronavirus Deaths

By Theodore Shoebat In the midst of the covid crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people wiped out, there is a cacophony of complaints that the counting for coronavirus deaths is part of a conspiracy and that the numbers are being overcounted. One of the comments regarding coronavirus is that the death numbers are inflated, […]

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Who Is The Girl In The Video?

A new video is going viral on Twitter of a teen girl who is ‘angry’ about Black Lives Matter, ‘never-trumperism’, and other ‘conservative’ issues that have been recently criticized. The HYPOCRISY is Unbelievable! 💥 MUST WATCH & RT!!!! 👇🏼 — TONY™️ (@TONYxTWO) June 22, 2020 In January 2016, when the refugee crisis was at […]

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Twenty-Eight Rescued Migrants At Sea And Brought To Sicily Found To Be Infected With COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Turkish Anadolu Agency reports that twenty-eight recently rescued migrants from sea while traveling to Europe have been found to be infected with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Twenty-eight migrants on board a quarantine ship off the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle have tested positive for coronavirus, Sicily’s governor Nello Musumeci said in a Facebook post on […]

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The US Takes Almost As Many Migrants By Rate Per Year As Germany And Russia Do Combined

Ever since the “refugee crisis” of 2016, which has discussed in thorough detail and has noted is not merely a population transfer scam as evidenced by multiple reports, but appears to be being employed in order to foment the rise of nationalism in Europe and to bring about the conditions for a Third World […]

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