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Fed Claims That COVID-19 Is Stopping The Flow Of Change In Currency, But Could There Be More?

Coins can be found on the ground, in one’s pocket, in the cracks of a chair, or other places, but they are having a harder time being found in stores today as CNBC reports that banks are reporting coin shortages, to which the Federal Reserve Bank has replied this is true and it is because […]

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COVID-19 Hospitalizations Explode By 11% In Texas In A SINGLE Day

Texas was one of the first and most vocal states to insist up on a “reopening” as it concerns the economic and social disruptions caused by COVID-19. However, this has come at the cost of increased infections and a climbing death and hospitalization rates which have not ceased in spite of efforts otherwise. In light […]

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Deutsche Bank: ‘One-Third Chance’ A Disaster Worse Than COVID-19 Will Happen has extensively criticized major banks because, as the adage goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, and since banks control the means of exchange between nations, they have the power to control whole countries and the future of the world. Naturally, they are going to be subject to more scrutiny than most other groups. […]

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US Navy Busts Ring Of American Sailors Trafficking And Enslaving Thai Women In Bahrain

It is a well-known fact that sex slavery is a huge problem in the Middle East. This includes Israel as well as Muslim nations, and it has been a serious issue for years. Many times the women come from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or sub-Saharan Africa (in that order) and are sold by their families […]

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Scientists: Two Hundred Thousand Will Be Dead Of COVID-19 By October

Over 100,000 people in the US are dead of COVID-19, and the death numbers are not stopping no matter how well-intentioned people may be or their ideas may seem or how politically ineffective or useful it may be. Now with a report coming from CBS News, the same computer models now formerly used by the […]

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