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Make No Mistake About It, God Is At War With Racism

We spoke with Pastor Garrett Cuzick and Jody Cuzick of the Gathering Place Church on what Christianity really teaches about racism:   Donate now to help support the work of this site. When you donate, you are not donating to just any commentary group, but one that is endlessly observing the news, reading between the […]

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what the bible really teaches about race

What The Bible Really Teaches About Race, Racism And Race Relations

By Theodore Shoebat In this time of racial tensions, I spent some time to make an in depth video on what the Bible teaches on racism, race and relations between the races. In such a time as this, it is important to know that God created the human family and made a destiny for humanity: […]

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Stating The Obvious: Psychology Research Says That Violent Protests For A Movement Make People Turn Against A Movement

People generally do not like violence because it is not enjoyable to be around. recently noted that a new psychology study has found the obvious, which is that violent protests in favor of a particular movement tend to make people turn against the movement. New research indicates that extreme protest tactics tend to undermine […]

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Oil Well Begins Leaking “Uncontrollably” In Key Indian State

NDTV reports that an oil well has been leaking “uncontrollably” in they key Indian state of Assam. Gas is “uncontrollably” flowing out of a natural gas producing well of Oil India Ltd (OIL) in Assam after a blowout eight days ago and the public sector undertaking on Thursday said an expert agency is monitoring the […]

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26% Of Americans Are Living Off Of Food Donations Or Skipping Meals Because Of The Economic Situation

It is true that Americans are not starving like many people around the world, but food insecurity is an issue in every society since it can cause major social problems if it is not controlled carefully. According to recent numbers published by CNBC, 26% of American households are either living off of food donations or […]

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World’s Largest Movie Chain May Shut Down Because Of COVID-19

AMC, which operates the largest chain of movie theaters in the world, may be forced to close down because of COVID-19 exposed problems with debt and financial insolvency as CNBC reports. The world’s largest movie theater chain said Wednesday it has “substantial doubt” it can remain in business after shuttering all of its locations during […]

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Ex-Defense Chief Excoriates Trump For Dividing The Country

Often times, members of current or past military leadership do not actively criticize a sitting president. However, former defense secretary Mattis openly excoriated President Trump for dividing the country. In an extraordinary rebuke, former defense secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday denounced President Donald Trump’s heavy-handed use of military force to quell protests near the White […]

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Police Arrest Man Using DNA Obtained From Face Mask

Police have used may creative techniques to arrest criminals. According to a story from the San Francisco Bee, a man was arrested after a mask he was given to wear in a meeting with police concerning an unrelated matter was tested and the DNA on it matched with another crime he committed some years ago. […]

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