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Covid-19 Spikes, Millions Of Olive Trees Infected With Disease, Unrest In The Cities … Are We Spiraling Downwards Ready For Judgments?

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Tuesday Special) Let me explain the food supply chain in a nutshell. Worldwide, large quantities of food are produced every year: approx. 700 million tons of wheat; 950 of corn; 500 of rice; 950 of vegetables; 800 of fruit and then another 410-430 million tons of meat and fish. All this […]

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US Spending Continues To Dive As Well As The Economy

‘Spending drives the US economy’- this phrase is key to understand ALL US economic “growth” since the 1970s, or the last fifty years. One cannot understand it outside of this because the economy has, while producing, been based not on production, but consumption through manipulation of the means of production by way of fraudulent practices […]

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CHOP Is About To Get “Chopped” With Calls To Disband The Protest Zone

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone has caught the sign of national and international media has not only were such odd demands met and allowed to stay (the permitting of such statements to be made and the actions that followed), but also the fact that there has been a lot of violence coming out of […]

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Massacres Of Christians Continue In Ongoing Violence Against Christians In Nigeria

It is unfortunately not a new phenomenon, and has been going on for years, and in spite of international claims for ‘inquiries’ it is likely that nothing will be done, which is the abuse of Christians in Africa, especially the geopolitical hot-spot of Nigeria, where Muslims in the northern Sahel regions- also which is a […]

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Report: Dollar May Deteriorate Quickly

Growth and decline share a relationship in how they function. Change does not happen gradually as people say, but the steps to change happen slowly and the transition takes place quickly, much like exponential growth in mathematics. It starts slow but once an inflexion point is reached, the growth (or transition) is immediate and drastic. […]

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