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Blacks lives did not matter

Black Lives Did Not Matter In The Protests

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands upon thousands of people have gathered together in protest against police brutality and to express outrage over the death of George Floyd (in the city of Houston alone, 60,000 people assembled in protest), and to convey a resounding message of “Black Lives Matter”…. in the middle of a pandemic that has […]

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The ‘Warlord’ That Has “Taken Over” Part Of Seattle Is A Complete Scam

When one thinks of “warlords”, one things often of something out of the Middle East or Africa. But as Zero Hedge reports by way of Komo News, there is now a rapper, Raz Simone, declaring himself “warlord” over part of Seattle and to which local politicians are promising to give him more power. A Seattle […]

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Germany Moves For Join Cooperation With France To Do ‘Stabilization’ Operations In Mali

While the world is focused on COVID-19 and people rioting in the streets over a drug-addicted felon and porn whore who points guns at pregnant women, Germany and France have been taking care of more important matters, such as where the German news outlet Deutsche Welle reports that Germany and France have agreed to cooperate […]

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Hindu Nationalist Terrorists Take Christian Teen, Crush His Skull With A Rock, Then Hack Him To Pieces With Machetes For Being A Christian

For almost three years now, India has earned herself a place on the top ten most dangerous places for Christians in the world and she continues to cement her place on that list with continued attacked against Christians coming frequently at the hands of Hindu terrorists, which has followed for years and has noted […]

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State Governors Declare They Will Not Subscribe To A Second Quarantine

There is a saying that once the “cat is out of the bag” it is hard to get back in. This often pertains to things that are said, but it can also be applied to describe things that are done. Such an example of this is the recent COVID-19 “reopening” following the “lockdown”, to which […]

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