Archive | June 13, 2020


While Mexico Is Actively Trying To Stop Americans Spreading COVID-19, Trump Now Blames Mexico For Spreading COVID-19

Ted, Walid, and I have noted that US migration policy is not “solved” because it is a political football used by the government and both parties for their ends, specifically to advance certain social and economic objectives, without any regard to the good will of those either in the US or Mexico. The problem is […]

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Scientists Declare That The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Has Not Hit Yet

There are two camps of discussion about COVID-19. One says that a second wave will not come. The other says that the second wave has already come or is in progress. However, there is a less discussed third wave, mostly among researchers, that a third wave will happen at some point, but not yet. This […]

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Major Post-Vatican II Composer Accused Of Sexual Assault

There are a lot of criticisms levied by people in the Church about the “traditional versus novus ordo” against each other. Some of these complaints are legitimate, and others are questionable. However, one of things that is very well-known is that following Vatican II, there were a lot of changes to the music played in […]

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