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Report: Millennials Still Have Not Recovered From The 2007/2008 Recession

Millennials seem in many ways to be a “hard luck generation” because just when things seem to improve, they become worse than before. This recent recession is the latest blow, for as a new study reveals, almost half of Millennials declare they have never recovered and are still suffering from the effects of the 2007/2008 […]

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24-Hour-Fitness Declares Bankruptcy Due To Effects Of COVID-19

The fitness “industry” in the US is going through a lot of changes right now because of COVID-19. Once a veritable past-time of many and still being so, the concept of “at home” fitness in light of the forced gym shutdowns has compelled many people to cancel their gym memberships. As a result, the industry […]

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Supreme Court Declares That Federal Law Protects LGBT From Discrimination At Work

In an arguably landmark ruling that will have considerable long-term consequences for trends in all areas of life, the Supreme Court has declared that Federal Law protects people who identify as LGBT from discrimination at work as the New York Times reports. The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a landmark civil rights law protects gay […]

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Not The Democrats: Trump’s Own Family Turns Against Him

For the last four years, one has been forced to endure the constant rhetoric from Trump that “the Democrats” are trying to “thwart” what he wants to do. While it is true that the Democrat party has behaved publicly in reprehensible ways towards Trump that are completely devoid of charity and good sense, and indeed […]

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The Goose Is Cooked As New Report Declares Up To 85% Of Independent Restaurants Will Close Because Of COVID

Restaurants are a ubiquitous part of American life, representing a diverse palate of many cuisines from the very common to the very exotic. It is possible to “travel the world by taste” in the US simply through the abundance of restaurants, especially in major urban areas. Even in places that are rural, restaurants serve as […]

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