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Stop Sympathizing With George Floyd, He Was A Criminal, A Thief, A Loser And A Drug User

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat “What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this”  — Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Union How fast did Americans forget the movie Innocence of Muslims? The lousy movie created such buzz and havoc, where Muslims across the […]

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Prepares To Re-Define The Meaning Of The Word ‘Racism’

A point that I have made before is that the redefinition of words is an incredibly dangerous thing, especially in the middle of a conflict, for words, ideas, and laws serve as guiding posts in times of trouble, not politically weapons to put against people. Yet in an article from the UK Independent, the very […]

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Mayor de Blasio Orders The Words “Black Lives Matter” Painted Throughout New York City

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, as part of an effort to show ‘solidarity’ with Black Lives Matter, is having the words “black lives matter” painted in major streets throughout New York City as CBS News reports. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York City will paint “Black Lives Matter” on prominent streets […]

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COVID-19 Cases Continue To Spread And Reach Record-Breaking Levels Of Infection

It’s not a threat. It doesn’t matter. COVID-19 is a meme. Just go out and party. Go and spend lots of money. The economy needs it and all is well. has continually warned that just because it is not a politically relevant topic in the moment, the threat of COVID-19 has not decreased at […]

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Report: In Spite Of Trump’s Claims, There Are Few Links To “Antifa” Among Protester Violence

Trump and many on the American right have talked very boldly about how “antifa” has “infiltrated” the protests and is driving the violence. However, according to Reuters, there is actually very little evidence of links to “antifa” in said violence. The U.S. Justice Department moved swiftly to bring federal charges against 53 individuals accused of […]

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The Government Of San Francisco Is Now Prohibiting Cops From Using The Bus To Get To Protests

  By Theodore Shoebat The government of San Francisco, in an act of rage against the police (and of course under the pretext of George Floyd), is now prohibiting police officers from using the bus to get to protests. According to Fox News: The San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency announced Tuesday it will no longer transport San Francisco […]

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Sodomite Porn Whore Who Drinks Urine And Masturbates Into Medical Wounds Running For Office

There is something to be said about the laughable and sad political situation of the US, for one might say that it is a reflection of what the country has become in her people. All politicians are reflections of those who live in society, and if the people are a mess, then what else can […]

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Far-Left Fanatic Holds Up Assault Rifle And Screams, “This Is A Revolution” And “President Trump Must Die”

By Theodore Shoebat A Left-wing fanatic named Emmanuel Quinones held up a rifle screaming “this is a revolution” and “President Trump must die” before getting arrested by an officer. You can see the video here: This just happened in Lubbock at our protest rally! Someone showed up with an automatic weapon. @LubbockPolice came in a […]

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