Lighting Strikes The Top Of The Washington Monument

In an incredible moment, FOX News and other media are reporting that video was caught of lightning making a strike on the top of the Washington Monument.

A Washington, D.C. news station’s sky camera captured an incredible video of lightning striking the Washington Monument during a thunderstorm in the city Thursday night.

The stormy weather came as protesters calling for an end to police brutality after the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by a white officer in police custody, continued to demonstrate near the White House.

Many commenters compared the lightning symbolically to tensions between protesters and the White House.

“It might be George Washington raining down brimstone and fire cos’ he’s angry about the state of the union,” one user wrote.

The capital was also under a flash flood watch Thursday evening. (source)

Take this as one wants it. However, it reminds me of the famous lightning strike on St. Peter’s Basilica hours after Benedict XVI resigned.

A lot of people have unhealthy ideas about the relationship of God to the United States. However, putting aside the many strange, nonsensical, and ostensibly nationalistic ideas implied in such theories, God does speak to people by way of His creation.

Am I saying this is exactly what is happening here in the literal sense? One cannot be absolutely sure. However, it is very interesting that at the same time this happened there are massive protests seemingly part of a “strategy of tension” that is inflaming both the political left and right and using racism to do such, that the currency is becoming worthless by unprecedented money printings that have never before been seen in American history, that the US economy is closer to fascism and in the estimation of many definitions has become fascist, and the actions of the country are pushing the world ever closer to a global conflict.

Take what one wants from this. However, one may want to start paying attention to God and His ways, because many have not for a long time, and as America has often embraced the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, one may want to ask for repentance now that while it is very late, there may still be time for hope. .

That is, before it becomes too late.

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