Visits And Observes “Black Lives Matter” Rally

There have been “protests” going on around the country that have been “organized” by the group “Black Lives Matter” over the “death” of George Floyd. I put all of these things in quotes because the story that is presented versus the additional possibilities based on hard evidence and the observations of patterns do not correlate at all to what is being presented. They are so divergent, collectively speaking, that it is almost akin to a man attempting to convince an astronaut that the moon really is made of Swiss cheese. The facts simply do not add up, and as well as many other websites with people of good will and of all races have made these observations.

However, last night I decided to take it up to another level by going in person to one of those “Black Lives Matter” rallies and seeing exactly what was happening. I drove a while to the city of Chattanooga, a medium-sized American city and the fourth largest in Tennessee with a population (whole county included) just a little more than the total of Iceland.

I spent some time on the ground taking videos, which you can see below.

Observations I made:

-Most of the protesters- I would estimate between 60% to two-thirds- were not black at all, but white. Hispanics made up about 10% of those attending. As such it was only about 25% who were black in attendance.

-Chattanooga Police had them under strict observation and isolated to a specific area. The police presence blocked off I would estimate about one-quarter to one-half of a miles most road access on all sides of the protesters save for certain major roads for which access would be difficult to restrict, and those had traffic redirected around them.

-Police were both on the ground and in cars, and they kept the protests moving rather quickly for a large crowd. Several times when the protests seemed to stop for a while, the cars would sound their sirens and the police would keep them moving.

-Most of the people protesting were between 20 and 40, and there seemed to be a larger presence of women than men.

-Social distancing was mostly non-existent. No more than 20 to 25% of people wore masks of some kind, and the breakdown. Those who wore masks generally were the ones distancing themselves from people. The racial breakdown of those who wore masks and distanced seemed to correlated with the above-noted general racial makeup of the crowd. I saw very few police officers wearing masks, either in their cars or on the ground.

-There was no observable violence or property destrucion. Only one arrest seems to have been made and that was of a man who was drunk and on top of his building holding an AK-47 claiming he was preparing to protect his building from rioters.

-The police were friendly but appeared generally frustrated in a “when-will-this-be-over-yet” way. In spite of some of the crowd chanting against cops, they generally did not care, but clearly had some opinions as evidenced by their expressions.

-The crowd marched down tenth street and then eventually dispersed, but police stayed for several hours after with the road blockades set up as before.

What I found most ironic about the whole protest movement what that if I was observing this for myself, it should have been called “white lives matter” because the demographics were majority white. It was rather stupid and pathetic to see such people carrying signs talking about “white racism”, going and “taking a knee”, and chanting about “police abuse” when it is very questionable how much “abuse” from police these people have ever experienced. There were a few black people walking around with racist signs such as ‘end whiteness’ and getting veritable congratulations from whites (one hardly needs to imagine if somebody even tried to say “end blackness”).

These protests were as pathetic as they are political. They seem to be a gathering of the most detached persons within leftist political philosophies who, lacking common sense or respect for themselves and black people, are willing actors in an orchestrated “strategy of tension” that is only serving to annoy people and waste time and resources that need to be better spent elsewhere.

Racial tension is not good. has pointed out how both the political left and political right do not care about the good will of either black or white, but are attempting to exploit division between the two for a conflict that they can control for their own gain in power.

It does not matter what one feels about the situation, for aside from evidence or feelings, there is little good that can come from any “demonstrations”, and the wisest move is to avoid the situation completely.

This is a song released by RWDS (Right Wing Death Squads) in 2016 called “Civil War 2”. This song is exactly the kind of tension that has been warning about.

I put this up to remember that there are two sides- right and left -and both are evil and do not care about the good will of anybody, black or white or anything else. This is a sick contest for power, and one must remember this because if one forgets it, one will be easily pulled into conflict. This is a fight for which there is no good side and the only way to win is not to play.

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