Minneapolis City Council Moves To Disband The Police Department

According to KVUE local news, the city of Minneapolis city council has moved to disband the police department.

A veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members announced Sunday during a rally at Powderhorn Park that they are planning to disband the police department.

City Council members said they will invest in community-led safety initiatives instead of the police department.

“Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department, to end policing as we know it, and to re-create systems of public safety that actually keep us safe,” Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said at Sunday’s community meeting.

The council members who took part in the announcement included Cam Gordon, Steve Fletcher, Phillipe Cunningham, Jeremiah Ellison, Andrea Jenkins, Alondra Cano, Lisa Bender and Jeremy Schroeder.

The announcement comes after various entities such as the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools, First Avenue, and others decided to end or limit their relationship with the police department.

A political organization named ‘Reclaim the Block’ said they put the community rally together along with another group called ‘Black Visions.’

“Speakers acknowledged that the process ahead would not be free from uncertainty or discomfort, but that the result would be a strengthened, safer community,” a Facebook post by Reclaim the Block reads.

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted that she was present at the community meeting.

“I’m at the community meeting at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, where City Council members just unveiled a mission statement for reimagining policing,” the tweet reads. (source)

Ask yourself, why is it that George Floyd’s death has caused so much anger? Indeed, this is not natural, as there are so many cases of such that go on, but this one- around which as Shoebat.com and many other websites and individuals of all races and political persuasions have pointed out are highly suspect -is getting an unnaturally manufactured level of attention.

It cannot be said enough- this is a strategy of tension that one is witnessing and the best way t ostand up for all lives – black and white – is to not play the game.

Do not go to these movements.

Do not try to engage in discussions, especially with people who are not being rational.

Do not take sides since both are controlled and being used to force people into pre-set narratives intended to advance eugenics on both sides.

Let the talking heads argue. Until then, STAY AWAY from all of this as if one’s life depended on it, because in as sense, for the future, it truly does.

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