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Eighty-Four Year Old Chinese Christian Man Ordered To Stop Worshiping Christ, Pray To Image Of Chinese President Xi

As a part of the communist Chinese government’s crackdown on Christianity, the Christian Post reports that an eighty-four year old Christian man was ordered to stop worshiping Christ, remove his cross, and pray to an image of President Xi. Authorities in China replaced a cross in the home of an elderly Christian man with an […]

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Major Electronics Breakthrough With Finnish And German Researchers Prompts Potential Host Of New Technologies

If World War I was defined by the machine gun and poison gas, and World War II by the atom, World War III will be defined by the electron and AI, and how to exploit them best for conflict. The nation with the best supertechnology will emerge as the winner, and with the world moving […]

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Will COVID-19 Preempt A Wave Of Suicides?

For several years now, I have warned about a possible increase in the number of suicides among Millennials, especially women, and this logically extends to Zoomers, albeit on a modified schedule, because of the decline in relationships. With people unable to form families for a variety of reasons, and because women have a limited “window” […]

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Major Political Move As Trump Suspends Student Loan Payments Through The End Of 2020

In what is nothing less than a major political move, Trump is suspending student loan payments through the end of 2020 according to CNBC. On Saturday, President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders and memoranda, bypassing stalled negotiations in Congress and calling for an extension in pandemic relief for tens of millions of […]

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