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Turkey In The Midst Of An All-Out Currency Crisis

As the world has focused on Erdogan’s power grabs and expansion, a less-discussed aspect of his attempts to re-create a new Ottoman Empire has been serious problems in the Turkish economy. The Turkish lira has seen continual instability since 2018, but according to Zero Hedge, is now in a full-blown currency crisis as there are […]

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Lumber Prices Skyrocket Owing To The Effects Of COVID-19

I have noted in passing that there is a “national lumber crisis” taking place due to the effects of COVID-19, which have disrupted supply chains for the foreseeable future. This information has largely come from individuals working in the industry as well as those involved in shipping lumber who have shared data about purchases. According […]

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Ali Mohamed: The Missing Link Of The 9/11 Attacks And The Revival Of Nationalism In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The one event that really marks the beginning of the international nationalist phenomena that we have been witnessing is 9/11. 9/11 quickly led the US to commence its invasion of Iraq; this invasion had a ripple effect, causing instability throughout the Middle East, and this chaos, inevitably, caused a wave of migrations […]

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Chinese Communist Police Raid Christian Mothers’ Parenting Group

There are any number of jokes and comments about groups at church, most of them about the ideas of how they are anything but sinister and are just a bunch of average people from average families trying to help other average people. For example, the idea that a mom’s group at church would be secretly […]

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