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Turkish-Backed Islamic Terrorist Group Threatens To Execute Kurdish Christian Man For Apostasy

According to the Christian post, a Turkish-backed Islamic terrorist group is threatening to execute a Kurdish Christian man and English teacher for apostasy. The headmaster of a school in the city of Afrin in northern Syria has been accused of apostasy and arrested by an Islamist group loyal to Turkey, which wants to punish him […]

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China Will Soon Become Irrelevant As Japan Will Rise And Return To The Warpath

By Theodore Shoebat China is the center focus by the media when it comes to foreign policy. But, there is a much more powerful country — both militarily and technologically — and that is Japan, and no one is focusing on the real prospect of a Japanese frankenstein. This is what I discussed in my […]

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Trump Declares Thats Biden Will Not Be Able To Handle Erdogan

By Theodore Shoebat Trump recently declared that Biden will not be to handle the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, if h becomes the next US president. In an interview with Fox and Friends Trump said: “Let’s face it, Joe’s shot … You’re dealing with people that are very sharp. You’re dealing with world-class chess […]

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California Under Worst Heat Wave In Seventy Years

California is known as a “hot” place, although her reputation has significantly “cooled” off for many reasons. Now amid growing taxes and social instability, she is experiencing another “cooling off” as record high temperatures are causing likewise a record heat wave, the worst one in seventy years, and all happening at a time when massive […]

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Belorussian Political Scientist Declares Poland Could Capture Major Belorussian Cities If She Wanted To

When people think about empires, they often think of the British, French, or Japanese, and sometimes the Americans or the Dutch. However, there are other countries that also had empires such as Denmark, Germany, and Italy. Poland, while she is often mocked and the subject of jokes for “dumb poles”, she is also an imperial […]

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Russia Is Very Concerned About Losing Control Over Belarus

With all of the tension taking place in Belarus, the Russian newspaper Pravda notes that Russia is very concerned about the potential loss of Belarus to “the West”, and says that it poses a military threat to the survival of Russia. If Belarus goes to the West, then, militarily, Russia will lose control over long-range […]

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