Archive | August 20, 2020


Head Of Australian Mint Prepares To Get Rid Of Coins In Favor Of Cashless Society

People have been warning about it for years. There has been tremendous discussion about this, but with not enough care paid. Unfortunately, each passing day brings the possibility of a cashless society closer to reality, as Zero Hedge by way of ABC News Australia reports, that the head of the Australian mint is preparing to […]

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Steve Bannon Arrested

In a story that we will be closely watching, Trump’s former campaign adviser Steve Bannon, who has spent time in Europe promoting nationalism and working with far-right groups, has been arrested on charges of financial fraud according to CNBC. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been arrested after being charged with defrauding hundreds […]

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Mali Government Overthrown In Military Coup

Mali has been a point of discussion at as due to her location, power in West Africa, history, and current partnerships with the French and Americans, is a strategic nation that we have been concerned is going to go through a lot of changes. This recently took place as the government of Mali had […]

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