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Major Russian Skinhead Known For Making Anti-Government Statements “Kills Himself” In Prison

One of the trends that I have noted consistently is that in addition to the rise of socialism in all forms throughout the world and the return of Russia to the ways of the early twentieth century, there is also the return of old patterns of behavior. Something that I noted, based on the experiences […]

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Syrian Jihadists Are Terrified Of Fighting With The Armenians. One Jihadist Says: “The fighting isn’t like anything I have seen. It’s like a movie.”

Some of the Syrian jihadists who have been sent by Turkey to fight the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh (within Azerbaijan), are reportedly terrified of the fighting against the Armenians, with one Syrian fighter saying: “The fighting isn’t like anything I have seen. It’s like a movie.” As we read in a recent report written by Lindsey […]

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Deep Fakes And The Future Of Epistemology

Can you believe your eyes? Some say yes, and some say no, for if a picture is worth a thousand words, when happens when real pictures no longer can be distinguished from fake ones? Such is a question being asked by one author, in a way, discussing the rise of deep fakes and the effects […]

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Will There Be A Second Presidential Debate, Or Is There A Need For One?

What was the debate last night? Could it even be called a debate, or perhaps a three-ring circus? American debate is historically known for taking often a rancorous tone, an many times could scarcely be classified as a debate because of the lack of organization so widely accepted in it, for while argument is common […]

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Report: Retail Bankruptcies Reach Record Rates

I have said that a major trend to watch for is going to be not a “Christmas Sleigh Ride”, but a “Slay” ride because the US consumer-based economy is being utterly destroyed before our very eyes as people are so broke and owing to the lack of money in circulation and the fact that the […]

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Turkey Is Sending In Armies Of Islamic Jihadists Into Azerbaijan To Slaughter Christian Armenians

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat Armenians and Azerbaijanis are killing each other, in another ethnic conflict that is dangerously reoccurring in the Eastern world, where land is held more sacred than human life. So far dozens of people have been killed and hundreds wounded. The two nations are fighting over a region called Nagorno-Karabakh which […]

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Major US Hospital Network Hit With Malware Attack

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it has helped many people improve their lives. However, as with all technology, it is a cautionary tale, since the tools that can free a man can also be used to enslave him. NBC News reports on this topic by way of a series of hack attacks that have […]

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In This One Example, Trump’s Campaign Can’t Accurately Be Accused Of Racism

With racism being again used as a political tool on both sides, a new storm of controversy has emerged as Channel 4 News reports that recently uncovered documents from the Trump 2016 election campaign show that Trump largely ignored and wanted to dissuade African Americans from voting. Channel 4 News has exclusively obtained a vast […]

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Military Suicides Sharply Increase

Military life is hard, and it is often made far worse by the fact that it is in the interest of the military, in order to keep ‘ready soldiers’ on call for fighting, to abolish or reduce the number of safety nets or support systems that people need in order to maintain stability and live […]

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Can Trump Afford, Fiscally Speaking, To Lose?

Last night, I took the time to read a breaking story from the New York Times about Trump’s tax returns and the image of his wealth. I emphasize the word “image” because, as you can read in the full report here, that is what his wealth is. Call it an image, mirage, or any other […]

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The First Presidential Debate Of 2020 Is About To Happen

A lot of people have been clamoring for it. There were rumors that Biden would not do it. But after much time, AP News reports that it appears that Biden and Trump are going to finally debate. Ahead of the first debate-stage matchup between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, each campaign […]

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Florida Man Wearing No Shirt Breaks Into Catholic Church, Sets Three Pews On Fire

“Florida man” is something of an American meme, because Florida attracts a lot of people with problems for many reasons, and given that there are so many of such individuals, it is common that crimes otherwise considered ‘uncommon’ are regularly reported by Florida police in everything from municipal to state issues. One only needs to […]

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California Prisons Move To House Prisoners By ‘Gender Identity’

One of the characteristics about modern life is that it has become defined by clownish behavior that lacks reason and order. The ever increasing number of special interests and a never ending quest to appease them save for the ‘normal’ that is no more have resulted in the legalization of personal pathologies and the legitimization […]

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Is It Possible That A Biden Victory Might Actually Help The Republicans Long-Term?

While Trump still shows strong possible signs of victory this fall, there is a lot of talk that Biden may win, with FOX News discussing more economic signs pointing to a possible future Biden victory. The recent direction of the U.S. dollar points to former Vice President Joe Biden defeating President Trump in the upcoming […]

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