Archive | August 4, 2020


Will The 2020 Census Be Accurate?

Since the year 1790, the US government designates that a census be taken of her population every decade. The Census, which is administered by the Department of Commerce (formerly under the Department of the Interior) is an all-inclusive look at the country, and while it has changed forms over the years, it is basically about […]

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Tens Of Millions Of People May Be Evicted In The Coming Months

Being homeless is an awful thing. Forget the obvious things such as danger, crazy people, rain, drug addicts, drunks, rapists, and just the worst men and women that one could ever meet, the kind of people that would stab a man for a few dollars because he wants a snack pack of pre-made donuts in […]

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Comedian John Cleese Declares that Comedy Is No Longer Funny

Since the 1960s, the British comedy troupe Monty Python has made millions- probably billions -of people laugh as the arguable geniuses of comedy, with their silly antics, weird costumes, avant-garde style, and very British mannerisms stormed the world of entertainment making movies and films that for a twentieth century context set a standard of humor […]

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