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Japan Now Wants To Have The Ability To Do Preemptive Attacks On Its Enemies. If The United States Frees Japan From American Control, Japanese Imperialism Will Be Revived

By Theodore Shoebat “The spirit of Japan is the Great Way of the gods. It is the substance of the universe, the essence of the truth. The Japanese people are a chosen people whose mission is to control the world.” — Harada Daiun Sogaku Upon the Allied victory in the Second World War, Japan became […]

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Doctors “Grow” A Miniature Human Heart In A Laboratory For The First Time

Genetic engineering is going to remain a major trend for the future, as with technology and the management of data. According to a release from MedicalExpress, researchers at the University of Michigan have now grown a small but fully-functioning human heart in a laboratory dish. Michigan State University researchers have created for the first time […]

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In A First Since The Great Depression, Two Tropical Storms Prepare To Hit The US

Major storms from the ocean are known to hit the US and sometimes cause serious environmental destruction. However, sometimes too many storms all at once can cause not just environmental problems, but utter chaos. In what weather experts are saying is a first since the Great Depression, two tropical storms are preparing to hit the […]

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It Is Very Difficult To Believe That Navalny’s Illness Was Not An Assassination Attempt

Right now, there is a lot of talk about Aleksy Navalny, the largest anti-Putin politician in Russia, following claims that he may have been poisoned, a claim which Russian authorities have denied. Medical tests on Kremlin critic and opposition leader Alexei Navalny have found no traces of poisoning, Russian doctors said Friday. Navalny remains in […]

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