Archive | August 25, 2020


Swedish Armed Forces Goes On High Alert

A lot of people mock Sweden for their objectively weird behavior on many social issues. However, Sweden is also a historical imperial power, and a very violent one as well. They are not to be taken as stupid or incapable people, and one should recall that while Sweden was officially a “neutral” party in World […]

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Quarter Mile Long Food Line In NYC Is A Sign Of The Future

During the Great Depression, food lines, sometimes called ‘bread lines’, were common. Now it is being reported by Zero Hedge that they seem to have returned to New York with a report of a quarter-mile long food line. Three weeks into a fiscal cliff, a large food bank line emerged on Saturday (Aug. 22) in […]

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Georgia Is Now A Swing State

It is said that “demographics is destiny”, and amid changing demographics, BloombergQuint reports that Georgia is now a swing state. Georgia has been one of the main arenas for the social and cultural struggles that have played out nationally in 2020, with huge street protests demanding police reform and racial justice, the frightening spread of […]

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Positive Drug Tests Skyrocket Among Employees

It is known that there is a lot of stress in society. But the Wall Street Journal reports that positive drug tests are exploding among employees. The percentage of working Americans testing positive for drugs climbed last year, particularly for marijuana, according to a new report, indicating employee drug use was on the rise just […]

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