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A COVID-19 Related Death That Means More Than What It Seems

COVID-19 has killed many people, and some in more ways than expected. Such is reported by WUSA9 News, where a man, Ibrahim Bouaichi, was released from prison because of COVID-19 fears even with a rape charge pending, who went on to hunt down and murder his accuser before committing suicide. Ibrahm E. Bouaichi died from […]

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Watch Out- Even The Liberals Are Warning Of A Pending “October Surprise”

You heard about it first here at, where Ted, Walid, and I have been warning that based upon historical patterns, there is the possibility of an “October Surprise” type moment that could happen in the 2020 election. Indeed, this is something that the “liberals” are well-aware of, as NPR notes that such a moment […]

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Is Another Virus Emerging From China?

For the whole year, the world has been consumed with talk of the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, some epidemiologists have warned that COVID-19, while there may be a second wave, could also be the start of something greater, perhaps even a trend of emerging viruses from around the world. It is of interest then to note […]

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lebanon gallows

Lebanese Rebels Make Gallows For Politicians, One Protest Organizer Says: “We Are Ready.”

Lebanese protestors erected up gallows for the politicians they hate so much, as a way to instill fear into the government and express their insatiable rage. Paola Rebeiz, has been a major organizer of demonstrations, said “We are ready.” #BeirutWe are ready — Paola Rebeiz (@paolarebeiz) August 8, 2020 Lebanon appears to be entering […]

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Lebanese Protestors Demand Revolution And The Killing Of Politicians. One Rebel Screams: ‘Go To Their Homes And Drag Them Out Of Their Beds!’

By Theodore Shoebat Lebanese protestors are demanding the deaths of their politicians, with one rebel calling for demonstrators to barge into the homes of politicians and “drag them out of their beds.” As we read in a recent French report from Liberation: The first shock passed, an incredible rage gripped the Lebanese, Homeric anger at the […]

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