Archive | August 23, 2020


It’s Not Christianity’s Fault That A Lot Of Millennials And Zoomers Don’t Care About Truth

Christianity among the Millennials and Zoomers has dropped significantly. In response to this, the Christian Post has put together a list of things which they believe that ‘churches’ need to do in order to reach out to these generations for evangelization. Millennials and Generation Z are facing some of the greatest challenges at this moment […]

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Fires Burn One Million Acres In One Week In California

The California wildfires continue to get worse, and according to the AP, they are so serious that they have burned one million acres in a week and are spreading with no foreseeable end. Firefighters in California were racing to slow the spread of wildfires that burned nearly one million acres in a week and destroyed […]

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Trump’s Sister: Trump Has ‘No Principles’, Is ‘Cruel’, Only Wants To ‘Appeal To His Base’

President Trump continues to mire himself in more controversy with each day amid his growing list of bold statements and litany of empty promises. It is with interest then, as the election approaches, that Trump’s 83-year-old sister said that her 74-year-old brother is a cruel man with no principles who only wants to appeal to […]

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