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Report: 81% Of Stocks Will Show Negative Returns In The Next Decade

When it pertains to economic matters, I generally do not like to discuss stock prices because stocks are largely useless unless one is playing with large sums of money, and even with that, stocks always have been an “old boys” club where old, monied interests support each other for their benefit. Anyone who doesn’t believe […]

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New Reports From Lebanon Question Official Story On Lebanon Explosion, And Observe That It Was Not Caused By Just Chemicals But By An Ignited Explosive

By Theodore Shoebat The official narrative of the Lebanon explosion, whose blast resounded throughout the air (literally and figuratively), is now being questioned by analysts and experts in Lebanon. For example, journalist Mounir Al-Rabi made an observation that the explosion does not appear to be an accident, but the result of explosives: “the size of the […]

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Study: More Job Losses And Money Printing Are Coming, And The Stock Market May See A Major Collapse

For those who have been paying attention to the economic numbers and the reports coming out from the US Department of Labor, various independent studies from non-profits, economic data produced by major banks, and the speculations of investors, one may recall that as early as April 2020 there were signs of not just the first […]

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