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Donald Trump Affirms That Freedom For Christians In The Middle East Is Required To Establish Peace Agreements With Israel

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump has affirmed that religious freedom for Christians in the Middle East is a prerequisite for any peace agreement between Israel and Islamic countries in the Middle East. As we read in the Jerusalem Post: Protecting Christians in the Middle East is an important part of the nascent peace deal America […]

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Explaining How Hyperinflation Could Come To The US

There are no Americans alive today who remember as older adults the Great Depression. I speak of working men in their thirties or forties already on jobs here. By comparison, the Great Depression was very short, since from the decadence of the 1920s to the crash of 1929, and then twelve years to the entrance […]

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Justice Dept: Yale Guilty Of Race Discrimination Against Whites And Asians

Many times when one hears about racial discrimination in the US, there is an assumption it is “Whites against (fill in race here)”. However, this is unfair, as racism is not privy to one group, but the potential exists in all men for this, regardless of the group. In an interesting ruling from the Justice […]

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New York May Experience A Major Decline

If there are two cities that one could say “run the world’, without question they are London and New York, for both are major financial, economic, cultural, heavily populated centers whose influence by direct action or indirect effect is felt in every home around the world. It is true the cities go through “good and […]

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