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The Netflix “Cuties” Show Promotes Pedophilia As Much As It Also Targets Religion

Right now, there is a lot of controversy about a new Netflix series called “Cuties”, which features a bunch of scantily-clad ten-to-twelve year olds who ‘twerk’ their way to fame online and in the real world. Netflix has made changes to the images used to promote a French film called “Cuties” after an online petition […]

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US Companies Are Drowning In Record High Debt Levels

Debt and American business is nothing new, but according to an article from Yahoo! Finance by way of Bloomberg, corporate debt is at all time highs with no end in sight, and as debt levels increase, the corporate world is drowning in their own borrowed funds and “I-O-U”s. After tapping the bond market at a […]

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Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines

There is a lot of talk right now about what to do about COVID-19. Unfortunately, the response of states to the virus is as consistent as gun laws are- not only is there no sense of uniformity, but many are divided against each other with arguable chaos being the constant that unites them all. The […]

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Biden Declares He Will “Unite America” Against “Darkness”

President Biden, in his recent speech, said that he would “unite America” against “darkness”. resident Donald Trump on Friday slammed his 2020 rival Joe Biden and the Democratic National Convention, which concluded with Biden’s presidential nomination acceptance speech Thursday night. “Over the last week, the Democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in […]

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