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Abortion Rate Rises Significantly In Scotland

In what is being called the second-highest abortion rate on record for the nation, Scotland is reporting by way of CNA record high numbers of women who are murdering their unborn children. Public Health Scotland announced Aug. 25 that 13,583 abortions were performed in 2019, with a termination rate of 13.2 per 1,000 women aged […]

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Japan’s Military Independence Is Inevitable

By Theodore Shoebat Shinzo Abe just recently resigned from his position as prime minister. Abe just affirmed that his successor will likely tackle Japan’s pacifist constitution which forbids Japan from going to war. As we read in a recent report from US News: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe believes that whoever succeeds him is likely […]

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Nevada Man The First Ever Confirmed To Have COVID-19 Twice

It is common knowledge that for many viruses or other illnesses, once someone has a particular strain, he cannot get it again. However, according to the New York Post, a curious case with COVID-19 has emerged, for amid many alleged cases of ‘reinfection’, a twenty-five-year-old Nevada man is the first confirmed case in the US […]

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Explosion In Divorce Rates Attributed To COVID-19

Some say that the ‘home is where the heart is’, but for many married couples or those in live-in relationships, being forced to stay together at home has been very destructive, to the point that comedians have made statements about it. But according to the website Legal Templates, this is no laughing matter, as COVID-19 […]

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High-Ranking CIA Employee Commits Suicide Under Curious Circumstances

In the world of spies, where cloak-and-dagger abounds, the ways of deceit are the name of the profession, and truth is what is useful in the moment, and nobody knows what is true except that nobody can be trusted. In an interesting story reported on by the UK Daily Mail, a top-ranking American intelligence officer […]

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