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President Trump Says He Spoke With God On How To Rebuild The Economy

The Christian Post reports that President Trump says he spoke with God about how to rebuild the economy, and that he believes God will help him rebuild it. President Donald Trump revealed he spoke to God about the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic and God told him He’s going to have him rebuild “the greatest […]

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Japan’s Economy Suffers The Worst Hit Ever Amid Claims She Is Done Being ‘Pacifist’ And Wants To Remilitarize

One pattern that I have been hammering at is that economy patterns are linked to political movements, and in the case of Germany, given the “cyclical” nature of her history as a major power of Europe and a nation that tends to use violence heavily against her neighbors, poor economic conditions can result in political […]

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The City Of Amsterdam Is Physically Collapsing

When one discusses the “collapse” of a city, it usually refers to the economics, politics, or culture of that city, and seldom to problems in the physical structure of the city itself. However, this is the case in Amsterdam, the famed Netherlands capitol, which is physically collapsing as CNN reports that the wooden piles and […]

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First It Was Fuel Theft, Now It Is Train Robberies In Mexico

Mexico has a large problem with fuel theft. However, there is evidence that due to increased enforcement and security procedures, the number of fuel thefts has declined. However, a new trend has emerged in its place, which according to Mexico Daily News is that train robberies of whole railcars are now a regular occurrence in […]

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