China Fires Missiles Into The South China Sea As A “Warning” To The US

China has become more aggressive against the US as the South China Morning Post reports that China has fired missiles into the South China Sea as a ‘warning’ to the US.

China launched two missiles, including an “aircraft-carrier killer”, into the South China Sea on Wednesday morning, a source close to the Chinese military said, sending a clear warning to the United States.

The move came one day after China said a US U-2 spy plane entered a no-fly zone without permission during a Chinese live-fire naval drill in the Bohai Sea off its north coast.

One of the missiles, a DF-26B, was launched from the northwestern province of Qinghai, while the other, a DF-21D, lifted off from Zhejiang province in the east.

Both were fired into an area between Hainan province and the Paracel Islands, the source said.

The landing areas were within a zone that Hainan maritime safety authorities said on Friday would be off limits because of military exercises from Monday to Saturday.

The DF-26 has a range of 4,000km (2,485 miles) and can be used in nuclear or conventional strikes against ground and naval targets.

The DF-21 has a range of around 1,800km, with state media describing the most advanced in the series, the DF-21D, as the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missile.

Hong Kong-based warship joins drill in South China Sea Hong Kong-based warship joins drill in South China Sea

The source said the missile launch was aimed at improving China’s ability to deny other forces access to the disputed South China Sea region.

“This is China’s response to the potential risks brought by the increasingly frequent incoming US warplanes and military vessels in the South China Sea,” the source said. “China doesn’t want the neighbouring countries to misunderstand Beijing’s goals.”

Song Zhongping, a Hong Kong-based military commentator, said the missile launches were clearly meant to send a signal to the United States.

“The US continues to test China’s bottom line in Taiwan and South China Sea issues, and this pushed China to showcase its military strength to let Washington know that even US aircraft carriers cannot flex their full muscle near China’s coast,” Song said.

China’s defence ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the launches. (source)

I have said many times that China tends to do things that are violent, aggressive, and ultimately hurt her long term. This is one of those things most likely.

China may be a powerful nation with a large army, but she is very weak, disorganized, and suffering from a myriad of financial and food-related problems, let alone issues with family, fertility, and how everybody in Asia hates her and she has no allies except Pakistan, a powerless nation defined by scam artists and degeneracy that is equally hated by her neighbors of Iran and India, and who will be forced to reckon with her own survival.

China may have a billion people, but so does India, and India does not like China, and given the size of India and the border she shares with China, in a major global conflict it will be the third (China) and fourth (India) most powerful armies against each other in a battle of not who is stronger, but who is less incompetent in the moment, and given how India already defeated China in a border skirmish involving 20 dead Indians and 40 dead Chinese, it is likely that China on that basis along will get what historically tends to happen to her, which is massacred except this time in the Himalaya regions.

This does not even include the Russians, who will not help China except in name for fear of losing control over her Siberian territories, and Japan, who is practically itching to commit another Nanking-style massacre in China, as she never apologized for the first. Southeast asia, while not “imperial”, also hates China and will gladly partner with the US in driving out Chinese influence from their nations, something which those nations, especially Vietnam, have a long history of doing to them.

China can shoot all the missiles she wants and make all the bold statements about the USA. For all of the problems the US has caused, a lot of people in Asia- including China -really do like or at least, have a respect of American power and know that while the USA may not be who they want to be influenced by, that “Doug” is preferable to “Wang” any day, as the former just likes to eat fatty foods and make lewd comments towards young women while on vacation, but the latter is mindlessly violent and power-hungry with a long history of open physical abuse for no real purpose other than asserting his feeble dominance over another because of poor self-image and a sense of low self-esteem that continues until he starts fighting with his own countrymen, makes irrational decisions, and then causes collapse and starvation where he starts eating people in a desperate effort to stay alive, at which point he is invaded and enslaved by his neighbors, for such is so often the cycle of Chinese history.

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