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Catholic Priest Violently Murdered In Front Of His Church In Spain By 22-Year-Old Romanian Migrant And Beggar

Spain has a long Christian history, but she has also seen a lot of anti-Christian violence. According to the Diocese of Jaen, a priest was violently stabbed to death outside of his church in Alcala, shocking the parish and neighborhood. The Diocese of Jaén and on his behalf the Bishop, Don Amadeo Rodríguez Magro, show […]

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Report: One Attack Against Migrants Every Six Hours Every Day In 2020 In Germany

During the 2015 and 2016 migrant crisis, there were many reports and accusations of crimes committed by migrants and refugees against European peoples. Many of these were real, serious, and should not be denied. As we and many others noted, the increase in crime and frustration resulted in a serious drop in support of migrants […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Eight People In Congo Attack

Congo is a place where there has been a lot of tension in government as well as a sharp increase in western corporate activities related to the mining of rare-earth minerals used is computing and advanced technologies for artificial intelligence. Not surprisingly, there also has been a sharp increase in Islamic terrorist attacks, with most […]

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Buy More Ink, Because We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Printer

In the movie Jaws, Police Chief Brody is helping Captain Quint shovel fish entrails into the water to attract the giant shark, and at one point the shark arrives and surprises Brody, to which he responds to Quint “You’re going to need a bigger boat”. An analogy can be drawn between this and the current […]

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The COVID Passports Come To The Empire State

I have made very clear that the COVID situation right now is polarized in that there is no balance, for all purposes, that one can see in discussions about it. Either one is “pro-mask” and “pro-vaccine”, or “anti-mask” and “anti-vaccine”, with people jeopardizing friendships, relationships, and civil discourse over it. As I have tried, and […]

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