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Prepare For A Massive Refugee Wave And A Return Of The Horrors Of ISIS As Ethiopia And Eritrea Will Likely Descend Into Chaos As A Bloodbath Ensues For US/NATO Control In Africa

Back in 2015, Walid wrote about a massive food crisis coming to the Middle East, where the Nile would dry up and millions would suffer. You can read the full piece here. It is particularly interesting in light of developments taking place in Tigray that I have written about, where Tigrayans are crying ‘genocide’ as […]

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Get Out The Helicopters And Fire Up The Presses, Biden Bucks Money Shower Is On Its Way

I told you it was coming. I warned people over and over. I said that just like the Pringles “once you pop the fun don’t stop” commercial, with banks it is “once you print you cannot stop or else face a collapse based on economic principles”. I said that they banks were going to print […]

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Give Three Dollars To The Homeless Guy Who Wants A Beer Before Giving A Cent To Trump

Years ago, I was in New Orleans, which is full of homeless people and alcoholics. While there, I was approached in daylight by an elderly, homeless drunk who said something to the effect of “Hey man, can I have three dollars? Just want a beer.” I never forgot that instant, because while alcoholism is not […]

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The History Of Christendom Is Filled With Class Warfare, Massacres And Tragedy

By Theodore Shoebat We may speak of the glory of Christendom, but what of her miseries? Without misery there is no glory; without struggle nor conflict, there is no glory; without trials nor tribulations, there is no glory. So we cannot speak of the glory of Christendom without speaking of her plight. Reading of the […]

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