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Claim: Thousands Of Christians, Laity And Priests Alike, Murdered By Ethiopia And Eritrea At Church In Tigray Fighting has been closely monitoring the Tigray situation because, as I have noted, I believe that it has the potential to be used for a Bosnian-1994 style conflict by the Biden administration for the further realization of US and NATO policy, eventually culminating in a major global war. Ethiopia, historically divided between the US and […]

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Major Electric Co-Op Files For Bankruptcy In Texas Over Storm

Texas, a major economic powerhouse in the US, in recent weeks has suffered a serious attack on her image due to poor preparations, resulting in her electrical and in part, water grid going down across the state due to a long-term failure to weatherize for the future. Texas’s largest and oldest electric power cooperative on […]

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China About To Face Massive, And Entirely Self-Inflicted Fertility Crash

China is a rising power, but historically speaking, she tends to fall just as she is rising due to self-inflicted injuries. Right now, one of the big problems in China is her fertility rates. As I have noted before, one cannot have a society without people, and for China, because for decades she promoted a […]

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68% Of Republicans At CPAC Support Another Trump Re-Election Campaign

It is true that when a president leaves office, his responsibilities go with him and the focus shifts to the one in power. Regardless of who it is, it is not good to focus on the predecessor, but the incumbent. However, the Orlando Sentinel points out an interesting result from the recent CPAC conference, and […]

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