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If The Famed Provocateur Milo Wants People To Believe He Is No Longer A Sodomite, He Has A Lot Of Questions That Need To Be Answered And Verified By Other Than His Own Words

Every once in a while, the Conservative movement needs a hero to laud, and they have one now, or rather, one who is back, as the famed sodomite Milo Yiannopoulos is now making conservatives and members of America’s Christian churches happy as he is declaring he is no longer a sodomite. Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay […]

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The EU Declares To Poland: ‘You Must Embrace Sodom.’

By Theodore Shoebat The European Union is working to force Poland and Hungary to do one abomination: tolerate the sodomite “LGBT” agenda. The EU is enacting this pressure through a parliamentary resolution placing condemnation on Poland for having “LGBTI-free zones” in certain parts of the country. A spokesman for the Greens in the EU Parliament said […]

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Will Kentucky Pass A Bill To Criminalize “Insulting” A Police Officer?

There is always a balance between the rulers and the ruled in any society. There must always be balance, allowing for criticism but also maintaining order. The needs shift with times, cultural norms, and other circumstances, but the fact is that there always needs to be a balance. Problems happen when one side tries to […]

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Police Report: George Floyd Was On Meth While He Was Being Arrested

It has been almost a year since George Floyd’s death. However, after the protests have died down and the public rage under control and the trial for Officer Chauvin starting, new evidence has emerged that, according to police finding and reports, George Floyd was on methamphetamine and other drugs while he was being arrested. During […]

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Don’t Blame Biden- Anyone Who Gets Upset Over Trump’s Recent Statements Should Have Been Angrier Instead Of Incessantly Chanting “That’s My President” Over The Last Four Years

Right now, a lot of people on the political right are up in arms over statements from Trump- standing with him in solidarity of course -over his recent statements that the US is being DESTROYED at the Southern border because of migrants. Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden’s handling of the border crisis, saying […]

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