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Azeri Soldiers Take Elderly Man And His Son. They Beat Up The Father With A Rifle Butt And Execute His Son

There is yet another heartbreaking story from the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Armenians and Azeris. A man and his father were captured by Azeri soldiers. The let the father go, after sadistically abusing him, but they murdered his son. The son, Arsen, was visiting his father, Sasha Gharakhanyan, from Moscow right before the conflict broke out. […]

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Turkish Backed Azeri Soldier Tells Armenian Woman: “I’m Azerbaijani and this is Azerbaijan,” The Azeris Then Take Her Parents And Beat Her Father To Death

By Theodore Shoebat While we have heard about the recent conflict between Armenians and Azeris over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, what we have rarely heard about are the horror stories coming out from that war. There was particular story that really reveals the reality of this horror. An Armenian family was leaving Nagorno-Karabakh for mainland […]

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Islamic Thugs Take Christian Man And Hack Him To Death With Machetes

By Theodore Shoebat In another horrific story of Christian persecution, a man was hacked to death with machetes in Nigeria, as we read in a report from Persecution:  A father of four was hacked to death with machetes in Plateau state on Sunday by suspected Fulani militants, reports the Daily Sun. According to the report, […]

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