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Baltimore Schools Are So Bad A 0.13 GPA Puts You In The Top 50% Of Students

Baltimore is a scary place. Unless one is visiting select areas, much of the city has the appearance of an open-air prison, where people sit on their steps drinking from bags of unknown liquids, where curious street pharmacists dot the corners, and where whatever you do, you always keep your doors locked, windows up, an […]

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France Bans Génération Identitaire

As politics in Europe continues to shift to the right again, seeing a rise in nationalism and tribalism, France24 reports that the nation has now banned the popular group Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) over concerns of anti-migrant beliefs and racism. France on Wednesday banned far-right group Generation Identity (Génération Identitaire), which is known to be […]

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Evangelical Identity Crisis Worsens As America Becomes Less ‘Christian’

In the US, ‘Christianity’ almost in all cases must be put in ‘quotes’ of some from, because it frequently cannot be separated from nationalistic impulses, to which many often subjugate themselves. However, American Protestantism, which largely is constituted of the ‘Evangelical’ category, is in a growing crisis as the synthetic relationship interwoven between its identity […]

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The Markle Crisis Is More Than Just Showbusiness, It’s Politics That May Threaten The Monarchy Itself

Right now, the British Royal Family is abuzz with talk of “investigations” against former royal and current wife of former Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, over claims that Markle abused two staffers and Markle shot back on Oprah that she was the victim of a smear campaign by the Queen. Mr Knauf’s email, alleging that […]

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