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The Trump False Prophets Scatter To The Winds

Years ago, I wrote that the Trump movement had become a cult of personality, where people began to elevate Trump and praise him in ways that ignored his flaws and exaggerated his strengths, with the effect being that an unhealthy picture of him was formed. He became in a sense a false political idol onto […]

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Will A Global Internet Tax Be Implemented?

It is said that only death and taxes are two assured things in life. While death is unavoidable, taxes are sometimes so, as taxation precedes political control in a historical sense. It is with interest then that according to AFP and reported on by Yahoo! News, the US has dropped opposition to a key procedure […]

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Study: Most Zoomers Believe In Moral Relativism

Each successive generation of Americans is as a general rule found to come out less religious and more indifferent than the previous one. It does not matter the race or time, as this is a consistent pattern that can be seen. In the case of the Zoomers, the Barna Group has published a recent study […]

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Gunmen Kidnap Over a Hundred Children To Get Ransom Money

By Theodore Shoebat Gunmen in Nigeria kidnapped over a hundred children to get ransom money, as we read in the Wall Street Journal: Gunmen have kidnapped more than 100 girls from a boarding school in northwest Nigeria, a government official said Friday, the latest in a rising tide of high school abductions across Africa’s most […]

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Now It’s LBG Versus T Over Whose Gender ‘Ideology’ Is “Right”

While the LGBT bloc is presented often as a single unit, there is much division within it. It is a matter of personal opinion, based on experience, that such is done in order to make a public and unified fact to push back against Christian morality, but once this has been done, the bloc begins […]

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The COVID Bankruptcies Begin

Bankruptcy isn’t something that happens overnight. It is a process, caused by bad financial decisions generally speaking in combination frequently with unexpected life events, that eventually overtakes a man. One of the trends that I have warned at about is COVID-related bankruptcies, since there are a lot of people in debt and eventually, unable […]

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Biden Decides To Drop Bomb On Syria To Kill Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The US government decided to drop a bomb on a tiny cluster of buildings on the Syrian-Iraqi border which were being utilized as a means to deploy Iran backed terrorists and transport weapons. American officials have already explained that the strike was simply a demonstration of American power. Reportedly the Pentagon spoke […]

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Scientists Work On “Brain Editing” Out Feelings And Ideas

One of the most dangerous things that science fiction proposes is a world where men can “edit” each other’s minds to create a vision of reality outside of individual experience. Such a thing might sound nice, but it clearly a thing that, while admitting there can be good uses, is almost absolutely going to be […]

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Turkey Cooks The Broth And Blows On The Coals As The US Skewers bin Salman And Prepares To Roast Him Alive

For years, has been warning about the coming death of Saudi Arabia. Now I should be clear, I am not saying that Saudi Arabia is actively dead, in the past or this moment. However, she is a “dead man walking” in that without the US actively protecting her, Saudi Arabia is going to be […]

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Medical Oxygen Becomes Scarce In Africa And Latin America Due To COVID

Medical supplies, like so many other items, are often in oversupply when things are well, but when problems happen become scarce. But unlike a grocery store or other large store, a lack of medicine, oxygen, or equipment can cause a man’s death. COVID has caused and seemingly been used to cause a number of supply […]

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Congress Moves To Establish The Practices Of Sodom As A Protected Civil Rights Category

In America, the concept of “civil rights” is often a promoted and aggressively embraced thing because many people, understandably so, equivocate it with the ethical and moral good of the common man. Many times, this is so because it has been legislation passed in the name of “civil rights” that attempted in some way to […]

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China Has Landmark Divorce Ruling

In Internet culture, for a long time there is the term “waifu”, which was invented by anime fans to describe an anime character than young men have an attraction to, and many times unhealthy, as it involves the arguable fetishization of an object or non-existent cartoon character in the real world (see above photo, for […]

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Study: 30% Of Covid Patients Report Having Continuous Symptoms Even After Recovering

The horrors of covid are still amongst us and the dangers of this virus are very real, as has been revealed by a recent study showing that 30% of covid patients report having painfully persistent symptoms even after recovering. As we read in USA Today: The U.S. government is launching a nationwide initiative to study […]

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Slovakia Now Has The Biggest Covid Death Rate In The World

Since many people in Slovakia (and countries like the Czech Republic) really did not take covid seriously, the country now has the highest covid death rate on earth. As we read in the Financial Times: Officials in the Czech Republic have warned that the country’s health system is on the brink of “absolute exhaustion” and […]

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