What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Islamic Terrorist Who Murdered Ten Americans In Boulder

The Boulder shooter, Ahmed Aliwi Alissa, was obviously a Muslim who was filled with vitriol. His former classmate, Dayton Marvel, remembered how Alissa “would talk about him being Muslim and how if anybody tried anything, he would file a hate crime”. So it is quite clear that this guy was filled with hatred and this enmity fully erupted in the murder of ten innocent Americans, including a police officer. But what of the family of Alissa? We know that the shooter was born in 1999 and that he moved to the US with his family at the age of 3 and he is originally from the Syrian city of Raqqa. Looking at his family background in Syria yields the type of information that connects the dots to the possible motive that is far from the official narrative portraying this as a product of mental illness. We at shoebat.com know the culture of the Middle East and its language and can make observations by accessing Middle Eastern sources. What we found is that there are a number of terrorists of this last name who were killed. What we also found is that a lot of innocent relatives of the Boulder shooter were also killed by NATO bombings. For example, there is Muhammad Aliwi Al-Issa, whose mother’s name was “Sa’da”, whose father’s name was “Aliwi” and who was born at Raqqa Syria and killed at Tabaqqa on September 2019 after he joined the Free Syrian Army (an American backed proxy)

There is much being said trying to psychoanalyze the Colorado shooter. But what about attempting to link to his family to see what could have caused this young man to go on a shooting rampage? A wealth of information can be found in Middle Eastern media. In one report four members of his family were killed. In one incident there was Jasim Aliwi Alissa, a child of 14 years old, who was killed while playing with an explosive that was left by ISIS. It not only killed him, but his cousin, Ismail Hamoud Alissa (12 years old). Another child, Ahmed Alissa, was killed by a sniper on July 7th, 2016. In another report, a relative of the shooter, a sixteen year old named Inam Aliwi Alissa was killed by a NATO bombing on September 4th, 2014. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, monitoring ISIS in Raqqa, reported a list of six hundred and fifty two people killed in Syria by NATO bombings, some of the names of whom were Atta Alissa who was killed on June 14th, 2017, Mahmoud Alissa and the wife of a man named Obeid Alissa, Reem Ahmed Al-Ali Alissa, Abi Mustafa Alissa, Ahmed Mustafa Alissa and his brother Zachariah Mustafa Alissa, Muhammad Noor Alissa, Hamed Sheikhan Alissa and Muhammad al-Ali Alissa.

One wonders, what does it feel like to receive news from Syria continually about your family members being bombed by NATO? Two of the shooter’s relatives ended up in Turkey as migrants and became terrorists. Hossam Aliwi Alissa, the nephew of a security minister, and Rami Hadad, ended up learning how to manufacture sophisticated explosives while in Turkey, orchestrating an attempted assassination by preparing a sticky bomb. It detonated, killing both of them in July 7th of 2016. Turkish security discovered a cache of weapons, including sniper rifles and pistols with silencers. There was one “Ahmad Aliwi Alissa”( the exact name of the Boulder shooter) who was killed as a result of NATO bombings at Albu-Asi at Raqqa (the same place where the Boulder shooter comes from). His death occurred on June 5th 2017 wherein 43 people were killed by the attack including 10 children and two women.

So we see here two things: members of the Alissa family who were terrorists and many members of the Boulder shooter’s family who were killed by NATO. In looking at all of this murder done by NATO, it is not surprising that a Syrian man of this family would act out in violence. Yes it is wrong and evil what Alissa did, but this is a product of America’s war policy on the Middle East. The United States was not sending out the Gospel to Syria, instead they rained fire and brimstone. If a governmental network like NATO continues to kill so many civilians and perpetuate the bloody conflict which has killed hundreds of thousands, should we really be shocked by one Syrian guy deciding to bring the violence back to America? The highest echelons of political power bring about war, and its the civilians who suffer in the end, be it the Syrian people or be it the American people (including an innocent police officer) suffering under terrorism.  War has become a joystick, with young guys maneuvering drones like a video game, slaughtering civilians and thinking nothing of it.

Middle Eastern people are not warlike. They were once very entrenched in the arts. Look at the music of Farid Atrash and you will see a blend of Western and Eastern sound. This is what the Middle East should return to, but how can it do this when it is under constant destabilization by NATO and its terrorist proxies:



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