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Will China Now Suffer The Wrath Of Sodom?

There are certain taboos in every society that people just do not do for whatever reason, whether this is good or bad. In modern America, the Anglosphere in general, and increasingly, “Western” society, that taboo is to say anything bad about the LGBT. To criticize Sodom is to incur the wrath of Sodom, and he […]

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Will Biden Kill the Internet And Blame Trump?

It is said that Section 230 created the Internet, because it declared that Internet service companies are not responsible for the actions of their users except for major, egregious, constant violations. This protected them from legal action enough that people could say and do what they wanted and the companies did not have to fear […]

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New Gas Pumps Being Banned By Municipalities In Favor Of ‘Electric’ Charging Stations

It is a known facet that gas powered tools are superior to electric ones, and likely will always be barring major, serious changes to their functioning. That said, the push for electric cars has remained a constant, and is likely going to be a major trend for the future, namely because given that electricity has […]

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Christians In Yemen, Or Pulling The Wool Over The Eyes Of Christians?

According to the Christian Post, the Biden administration is considering the removal of ‘terrorist’ as a designation for the Iranian-supported Shiite Houthi rebels, which some are saying will result in an increase in the persecution of Christians in Yemen. The U.S. government’s decision to remove the terror designation from the Iran-backed Yemeni Houthis could lead […]

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The Anti-Meat Propaganda Begins?

Too much of anything is usually not good, because it creates an imbalances, and whether it is in politics, health, or anything else, imbalances that exist, created intentionally or not, tend to neglect other areas while overfavoring others, and such lopsided, uneven development causes more problems. It is obvious that eating too much meat is […]

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