Archive | March 25, 2021

Alexei Navalny. A Western backed operative who has been involved, for years, with far-Right activism

Stop Sympathizing With Navalny. He Is A Nazi Operative Being Backed By NATO To Destabilize Russia

By Theodore Shoebat While Navalny is being praised as a liberal hero and the face of the opposition against Putin by a Western media which prides itself as progressive, the person that they are defending and revering has a worldview dominated by Right-wing ideology. In the late 2000s Navalny declared himself a nationalist and partook […]

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Media Almost Completely Ignores Video Of Black Man Going On Vitriolic Anti-Asian Racist Tirade

Racism is not limited to any one race. It transcends all races because wherever there are people of a different race, there will be people who do not like the other people because of race differences. It doesn’t make it right, but it is a reality. Right now, there has been a lot of talk […]

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Here We Go: Evanston, IL Becomes First City In The US To Give Reparations To Blacks

One of the trend patterns to look for during Biden’s term will be those that exacerbate social tensions. It has been scarcely two months, and Biden’s tenure has been marked by a series of events and policy changes greatly exacerbating said tensions. Given the amount of social tension in the US, there are many options […]

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Russian Censorship Ministry Now Asking For Passport Numbers, Address, Phone, And Email Of All New Social Media Registrations

The trend towards a worldwide ‘lockdown’ on the flow of information is a major trend that is happening everwhere. It appears different in the various nations, but the general principle is the same. In China, one can see the ‘social credit system’ being used to control people. In the US, it is the increasingly invasive […]

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