Archive | March 8, 2021


Hopes Crushed For Those Who “Trust[ed] The Plan” From “QAnon” After Supreme Court Rejects Final Appeal On 2020 Election Results

Love him or hate him, and regardless of the genuine irregularities and questions that existed, just like the Bush 2000 “victory” with five questionable counties in Florida supporting Bush, so the same but for five states supporting Biden clearly indicated that Biden was going to be elected or selected as the next President. Many people […]

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Of Course It’s The Debt, Because It’s Just Playing Economic Musical Chairs At This Point

With a third stimulus check likely on the way, The Hill reports that the talk of “free money” is not actually free, but is, as I have warned, coming at the ballooning of the Federal debt that is going to cause far more economic problems than anything it pretends to solve. While there are undoubtedly […]

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Prepare For Another Migration Crisis As Now Senegal Has ‘Apocalyptic’ Protests Throughout The Nation

Senegal is a West African nation on the Atlantic coast that for all the troubles that African nations are known to have, is comparatively more ‘stable’ than others. However, according to the BBC, Senegal is now going up in flames amid a nationwide crisis being described as apocalyptic. A top Senegalese official whose job is […]

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