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New AI Technology Able To Find What Faces A Man Likes Just By Looking At Brain Waves

The human mind is the physical side-physical processing unit of the body that connects to the soul The brain is material, and passes away, but the soul, that which gives consciousness, does not. As a result of this, body and soul work together. Thus while the concept of ‘human cloning’ has been around for a […]

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The Vaccine Passports Are Coming

With the current COVID crisis not going away, and as and other sites have reported, based on information and reports from multiple news outlets, government reports, and private studies, because there is a strong chance this virus will not fully disappear until about 2027 (another politically interesting year), the question is if “vaccine passports”, […]

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In A Complete Non-Surprise, Suddenly Waves Of Migrants Are Flooding The US Border

One of my favorite political campaign ads was when Tennessee representative Marsha Blackburn, a Republican, won by attacking her Democrat opponent, Phil Bredesen, during the time of the “migrant caravan” from Central America to the US- which also is something that happens multiple times a year -as being filled with GANG MEMBERS, PEOPLE FROM THE […]

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Biden Brain Bust On Television, Forgets The Name Of The Pentagon And Secretary Of Defense Name

Poor Joe Biden. Love him or hate him, as I said before, the man is being mistreated by those closest to him for the purposes of power and manipulation for political ends. Now as it is being reported, Biden has made another mistake, forgetting the name of the Pentagon and his Secretary of Defense. President […]

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