Archive | March 6, 2021


Report; 69% Of US Plans To Get COVID Vaccine

There is a lot of discussion and controversy about the COVID vaccine, raising questions about all things from the nature of the disease to many others. However, in a report from Yahoo! News citing the CDC, 69% of Americans are reporting they intend to receive the vaccine, up from 52% last year. More Americans are […]

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While The US Talks A Lot About Chinese Threats, She Ignores The Ranting Of The Hindu Madmen In Government On The Subcontinent

The US has spend much time talking about China abusing ‘freedom of speech’ and talking about their problems. However, one nation that the US has curiously ignored is India. From everything from Christian persecution that gets worse by the day to the proliferation of scammers destroying elderly America people’s life savings to just some of […]

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