Archive | March 18, 2021


Vlad The Chad Challenges Brain-Dead Creepy Uncle Joe To Debate At Potemkin’s Village

After a series of comments about Putin from Biden, the Russian President has fired back, challenging Biden to a public, live debate. Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted to President Joe Biden calling him a “killer” by challenging Biden to take part in a conversation with him broadcast live online. “I’ve just thought of this […]

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Three Children Immolated In Horrendous Fire, Sakhalin Mother Arrested

In a very sad story out of the Russian Far East, on the remote island of Sakhalin just north of Japan, Pravda Russian news reports that a mother has been charged with the deaths of three of her young children by fire, following three other of her children removed from her care and placed into […]

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So Much For ‘Fossil Fuel Shortages’ As Report Says World Gasoline Demand May “Never Recover”

For many years, American cars have been associated with gas-guzzling in overabundance and other forms of indulgence. However this may be changing, and not just in the United States, as the AP reports that world gas consumption has significantly declined and will continue as a trend in a future to decline. The world’s once-insatiable demand […]

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The New Face Of Captain America Is Just A Reflection Of What You Have Been Warned About

Captain America is a pop-culture comic book hero who makes his enemies who fight against him bend the knee to the force of justice. However, instead of bending the knee, it may be now that he has them rather bend over, as Hollywood Reporter notes that Captain America is getting a new makeover as not […]

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