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Al-Jebali: Egyptian official 'can confirm' Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Official: ‘I can confirm’ Obama Brotherhood role

Earlier this month, a meeting in Cairo known simply as “the Cairo meeting” was led by Tahani Al-Jebali, former Vice-President of Egypt’s Constitutional Court who earlier this summer, publicly charged that Malik Obama (Barack Obama’s half-brother) is a major player with the International Muslim Brotherhood and that this reality explains Barack Obama’s coziness with the […]

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Cameron: Likes purple ties.

UK’s ‘Dhimmi’ Cameron embraces Sharia Compliant Finance

In an act of dhimmitude that would make Sir Winston Churchill roll over in his grave, the increasingly submissive Prime Minister of Great Britain – David Cameron – has decided to embrace Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF). Like a python’s victim, Cameron has just caused his country to exhale a bit more of its breath, after […]

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Being President not his Business (unless SEALs Kill Bin Laden)

By Keith Davies The President knew nothing about Fast and Furious but he needed the protection of “Executive Privilege” to prove that he knew nothing about it. Green energy boondoggles like Solyndra wasting $500 million of taxpayers money is brushed off as a no big deal. The President takes no responsibility for it and obviously […]

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McCain: Hillary an ‘outstanding’ Secretary of State

Senator John McCain – also known in these circles as John McC(Pet)ain – continues to demonstrate his anti-American bonafides. The latest example comes courtesy of his assertion that aside from Benghazi, Hillary Clinton was a great Secretary of State. Via Bloomberg: “I don’t think there’s any doubt that Secretary Clinton would be a very strong […]

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ted obama pic

Words “Islam” and “Jihad” Taken Out of Counter-Terrorism Manuals By Obama Adminstration

Here is a video of Brooke Goldstein speaking out on the horrific persecution in Pakistan, Egypt, and the rest of the Muslim world, and on how while Obama refuses to speak against Islamic persecutions on Christians, he is supporting the Muslim cause. Please click here to watch Watch the latest video at Donate now […]

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Logan: Her apology still leaves one important question unanswered.

CBS’ 60 Minutes avoids Egyptian Connection to Benghazi

The 60 Minutes piece by Lara Logan on the Benghazi attacks was well done. It included excerpts of interviews with State Department whistleblower Gregory Hicks, Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, and a British security official who was in charge of the Libyans who were hired to provide security, Libyans he didn’t seem impressed by. Here’s the […]

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Barrack Show: Benghazi attacks getting closer to Egypt

To watch the video of today’s show, click here. On Today’s show… Are Fort Hood soldiers being told not to associate with or support Christian or Tea Party groups? Fort Hood’s congressman is John Carter, who is also the Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee. Will he demand answers? The controversy starts to parallel the […]

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