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Major Republican Leaders Conduct Secret Meeting With Homosexual Elitist, Tim Cook Of Apple, And Other Very Powerful Industrial Leaders To Destroy Donald Trump

Major Republican leaders conducted a secret meeting with homosexual elitist, Tim Cook of Apple, and other very powerful industrial leaders to destroy Donald Trump. According to one report:   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been very vocal with his opinions about Apple recently and now, it appears that Tim Cook is part of a […]

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Muslims Take Eight Year Old Girl And Rape Her Hundreds Of Times, They Take Another Girl And Continuously Rape Her, And She Then Sets Herself On Fire To Stop Them From Raping Her

By Theodore Shoebat A report just came out about how an eight year old girl was raped hundreds of times by Muslim terrorists in Iraq. Another girl even lit herself on fire just to prevent the terrorists from raping her. Here is a report: A Yazidi girl held captive by the Islamic State terrorist organization […]

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Top General Declares That ISIS Is Invading Europe Like A Cancer And Is Taking Over Through The Flood Of Muslim Refugees

By Theodore Shoebat The top general for NATO declared that ISIS invading Europe like a cancer through the flood of Muslim refugee. According to one report: NATO’s top general Philip Breedlove has warned that the Islamic State terror group, which he compared to a “cancer,” is finding ways to spread into Europe by taking advantage of […]

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The Queen Of England Enrages Homosexuals And Says That She Cannot Support Homosexual Marriage Because It Is Against The Bible

By Theodore Shoebat  The queen of England has expressed her disapproval of homosexual “marriage,” which will more than likely enrage the sodomites. According to a report: Queen Elizabeth II opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in England because of her deeply held Christian values, a close friend has reportedly told a London-based newspaper. The UK Daily […]

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The Islamic Government Of Sudan, Which Is An Ally Of Obama, Throws Christian Man In Prison For Filming Documentary On Christian Persecution

The Islamic government of Sudan, which is connected to the Obama administration, threw a Christian man into prison for making a documentary on Christian persecution. According to a report:   A Czech man named Petr Jasek has been imprisoned in Sudan for filming the persecution of Christians in the country, according to Czech daily Mlada […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Agents Take A Woman And Her Two Children, They Slaughter Them And Char Their Bodies. The Violence In Mexico Is Getting So Horrendous That The Whole Nation Is On The Verge Of Civil War

Theodore Shoebat Cartel agents in Mexico took a woman and her two children, slaughtered them and burned and charred their bodies. The gruesome incident took place in a residence located in Urbi Quinta de Tonala, where the triple execution that was so horrifying for a family took place. Authorities arrived at the site of the crime and ordered […]

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Counterpoint: Thanks To Petty Republican Infighting Each Election Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Becoming President

Hillary Clinton is the LAST person American needs to become president. The corrupt, physically ill, mentally gone, power-hungry woman thinks she deserves to win and a Clinton victory would bring the final ruin of the United States for a very long time. That said, each scenario shows her winning. Why? Because of Republican party infighting. Whether […]

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“We Will Solve The “Migrant” Crisis In A Day” Bulgarian Army Conducts Major Military Exercise On Greek Border, Promises To Arrest And Harshly Prosecute All Illegal “Migrants”

Centuries ago, the Bulgars were feared warriors in the Balkan Peninsula. An Eastern Orthodox nation, they survived for centuries under Ottoman Turkish rule and managed to preserve their faith and culture. Today, Bulgaria is again on the front-lines of the new Muslim invasion in the form of this “refugee” crisis that has been aided by […]

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Twitter Sides With ISIS And Muslim Terrorists, Shuts Down Accounts Of Anonymous And Others Who Report Islamic State Accounts

ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups have a notable presence on Twitter. At the same time, the hacker group Anonymous has been harassing and shutting down ISIS accounts as they are established. In response, Twitter has responded by shutting down Anonymous accounts and leaving ISIS accounts alone. One can only conclude that not only does Twitter […]

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NYC Mayor Bill DeBlazio Signs “Anti-Discrimination” Bill That Lets Men Use The Women’s Bathroom And Vice Versa

Any man who wants to use the women’s bathroom or vice-versa because they “identify with the opposite gender” is psychologically damaged and a danger to social stability. Separate bathrooms has nothing to do with “discrimination”- it has to do with safety. No, I do not feel safe using a bathroom that women have the same […]

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Middle Aged Somalian Man Sexually Assaults English Teen Girl, Says In Court That It Is Not His Fault Because Of “Cultural Differences”

How funny that these savages who go around sexually assaulting and molesting white, non-Muslim European girls and brag about it, but when they are caught they suddenly act innocent and claim “cultural differences.” The funniest part about this is if a “cultural difference” is that publicly raping women at will in the countries they come […]

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Man In Vienna Tells Muslim Self-Professed “Shariah Patrol” To Stop Harassing His Wife And Daughter, They Beat Him Up And Put Him In Hospital

Stefansplatz, the Church of St. Stephen in the center of Vienna at night Ten years ago when I was in Vienna, there were no “Muslim no-go zones.” It was a safe place where anybody could walk at night without fear, and in the areas where you had to be careful (which I did go through at […]

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Watch Theodore Shoebat School The ‘Bible Answer Man’ Dr. Michael Brown On His Own Show On The Church’s Stance On Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat Ever wonder why American society is so infected with sodomites? Reality says it is not the disease (the sodomites), but the disease coming from modern theologians. Listen to this debate (more like an Inquisition of Theodore) where Theodore schools one theologian claiming to be a ‘Bible Answer man’ by running his mouth on a […]

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