Turkey’s Caliph Erdogan Is Rebuilding The Temple Of Zeus On A Grand Scale Preparing It For His 2023 Grand Vision For His Ottoman Caliphate Dream


By Walid Shoebat

“The Zeus Lepsynos Temple from the 2nd century B.C. will be revived to regain its former glory” reports Erdogan’s henchmen.

Erdogan is a replica of Hitler with all his fascination of historic relics. Erdogan desires to complete the image of their beastly empire and the date “2023” is set for the Temple of Zeus to be complete with its full glory.

Erdogan’s henchmen are collecting an arena size of dreams which Erdogan wants accomplished. This  includes rebuilding the glory of the Zeus Temple as he continually demands the Altar of Zeus returned back to Turkey from Germany.

AA photo

One such artifact brought back to Turkey—by Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself after an official visit to Washington, D.C.,—was the top half of an 1,800-year-old statue of Weary Hercules which the Romans admired and adopted him as part of their pantheon of Gods.

Why a Muslim is so fascinated with idols remains a mystery. No Meccan bowing Muslim would be fascinated with idols. The Turks, for their part, are unabashed:

“It is our dream to build the largest museum not only in the Middle East and the Balkan area but in the world

This is what the culture and tourism minister Ertugrul Günay said referring to the Zeus Temple including a vast new museum planned for Ankara that is due to be complete by the 100th anniversary of the Turkish republic in 2023.


Ertuğrul Günay and Erdoğan

Ertugrul Günay is one of Erdogan’s main henchmen. He was one of the thousands of young activists, like Erdogan, he was summarily detained in 1980 who shared the same political mentor: Islamist Necmettin Erbakan.

What Islam has to do with ancient idolatry should be a mesmerizing endeavor, especially that the ancient city of Zeus had restarted five years ago after a 36-year hiatus. Excavations head Abuzer Kızıl:

“said they had important projects to carry out on the Zeus Temple … he said their goal was to revive the blocks on the ground through a comprehensive restoration work and make the temple glorious again.”

AA photo

Turkey is also excavating the world’s largest Islamic graveyard (photo above), the Seljuk graveyard in the eastern province of Bitlis’ where the Seljuks had a burial place from 1040 to the final era of the Ottomans.

From pagan to Muslim Ottoman, Erdogan wants to revive the glory of all empires under its neo-Ottoman dream to be presented on 2023 for his glorious Ottoman accomplishments. What would be left, is what they so badly are fighting for, to return to Pergamum what Carl Humann took from “the slopes of a hill in Bergamo [Pergamum], near Izmir, Turkey:

“the ancient Altar of Zeus that he unearthed, with its dramatic frieze of the battle between the Gods and the Giants


Over the last year, Erdogan’s government, has resorted to ever-more aggressive measures, from threatening to suspend the excavation licenses of foreign archeological teams to blocking the export of museum exhibits. They want the altar from Berlin brought back.

The Greek worshipped many gods, but viewed Zeus – the god of the sky and thunder – as the king over all of the other astral deities. Later, the Romans also worshipped Zeus under the name Jupiter.

Erdogan’s spirit must be ancient enough to know that Allah is Baal, Sin, Zeus, or Jupiter involving the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Jesus did not refer to the Pergamum as simply the throne of Zeus, but rather as the throne of Satan himself where the Antichrist will reside. While the various beasts worshipped an assortment of gods under different names, Jesus actually referred to Zeus as the chief god of the ruling beast empire revealing this to being Satan. So Jesus alludes to a satan-pagan connect with Islam’s “Allah”. Here Satan masquerades as the God of both; the Quran and the lost Bible which Islam seeks to restore.

Jesus not only equate Zeus (or Jupiter) with Satan, but he states that Satan’s ‘throne’, or spiritual base, was geographically located in Turkey. It is for this reason that lucifer must establish a spiritual stronghold making Turkey the significant role in the Last-Days Antichrist Empire.

So how does Allah and Zeus connect? The Ancient Greeks designed temples in honor of gods. A new study shows that some Greek temples are aligned to the sun stars and the moon.

Only the Bible exposes the very guise of lucifer and even predicted history in advance of what this evil entity will do. No one can deny that in over a millennia ago, and even today, we have crescent-mooners hunting us down striving to end our Christian civilization where only the Bible predicted such enmity against Christ and the seed of the Woman.

John etched this as well as Isaiah and Ezekiel and even the Book of Judges.

In Judges 8:21, the word used for crescent is saharon, which literally means crescent moon. It comes from the root of sahar (Luminous) as in Isaiah 14 God renders lucifer as Hilal ben Sahar.

Hilal, or heylal, is Hebrew for “Luminous” or “morning star/crescent moon,” which is the very symbol of Islam including almost every cult that persecuted the seed of the Woman in Genesis 3:15.

We cover the lucifer link in our essay:

No You Fool. All Religions Are Not The Same And The Devil Does Exist And Christianity Is SUPREME

The Ottomans returned Izmir (Smyrna) back to its pagan roots. Therefore, we must strive through Christ to return it to its Christian glory:



  • When I saw this headline on my Twitter timeline by Shoebat’s twitter account, I yelled, “HOLY CRAP!” Then I proceed to, safely of course, rush home so I could read this.

    It all make sense, Walid. After all, Turkey is where Alexander the Great began his military conquest and Alexander the Great was the only conqueror to even conquer the mighty Persian empire, something that not even the Ottoman could conquer. Sure, they conquered the Persian Egypt dynasty, but not Persia itself.

    So instead of a Turkey-Iran war like some bloggers have been predicting for a long time, we will see a Turkey-Iran empire form, a throwback to Alexander the Great’s conquest.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      Amen to that…https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEV7tfy8hX7RoAnVcPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=Alexander+the+Great%27s+Conques&fr=yhs-avast-001&hspart=avast&hsimp=yhs-001#id=9&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.usu.edu%2Fmarkdamen%2FClasDram%2Fimages%2F10%2FMapAlexandersconquest.jpg&action=click

      • Beautiful.

      • Owen Schumacher

        Take that map and add the rest of North Africa and Indonesia.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Isn’t this fascinating? Wow and more wow.

    • James Allen

      Ergodan and company should read the Book of Revelation and get a glimpse of their “future.” Not pretty.

      • Therein lies the problem. To them, the Quran is the final revelation and more “correct”.

  • Doc

    It just gets weirder and weirder.

  • AnthonyM

    2023 is not that far away. Erdogan is remaking the country to fit his glorious and grand vision of the Ottoman empire. People will be impressed by his accomplishments, forgetting what the Ottomans wrong on the rest of the civilized world.

    Merkel should send the temple back to him. Good riddance, if you ask me.
    Has the site of the Olympics for 2023 been decided? Then he can showcase his feats in front of the world.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      As in “The Armenian Genocide…
      also known as the Armenian Holocaust,[12] was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million[note 4] Armenians, mostly Ottoman citizens within the Ottoman Empire and its successor state, the Republic of Turkey.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide
      This was the 1st Beast…

      • Julie

        Smyrna was burnt to the ground. American Navy ships watched it all happen and didn’t do anything…wanted Turkey for commercial interests.

        Ottomans destroyed Christianity in Turkey, only around 2% left…the Patriarch of Constantinople(Istanbul), is alive and well and ….kicking.

        • Kevin Nicholson


          Your Smyrna note led me to research the event. Yes, American business interests (oil) were complicate in this Christian genocide by “secular” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (Nation State Islamist).

          Thus pray for peace and prepare for Holy Crusades…
          Since this historical betrayal encourages further infamy:

          “Not everyone is equally concerned about the historical record, but at least one student of history compared the parade of events in Turkey with their subsequent dismissal and acted on a cynical con­clusion. “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians,” Hitler declared as he announced his own plans for genocide to his Supreme Commanders on 22 August 1939. “The world believes in success alone.””

          Godspeed sister.

          • Julie

            Thank you…there is a military man, an American named Horton, who witnessed it. He has his own documentary of the atrocity … Admiral Burke ordered his sailors to not assist in any way. Italy also present.

            Finally, American and Italian sailors could endure no more of the atrocities and began to help the Christians of Smyrna.

            They were exhorted in Sacred Scripture to endure to the end. Will do search for Horton for you. You tube videos as well…

            So I am not supporting our alliance with Turkey at all.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Neither do I support the anti-Christ Erdogon.
            All Islamists should be deported from the USA also.

            Godspeed Julie.

          • Julie

            Yes all of them….but I am having great confidence now in the Lord after 9/11…that Islam can be defeated easily…as our military and Walid himself here.

          • Julie

            I read this one night…now the beautiful city of Izmir sitting on the dead.


            George Horton

            ‘An Account of the Systematic Extermination of Christian Populations and the Culpability off Western Great Powers; With the True Burning of Smyrna’.

            The Turk academic professors worked very hard to cover up the entire atrocity…Smyrna one of the most faithful and enduring of the Churches in the Book of Revelations and how many Americans who are Christian do not realize this.

          • Julie

            I read your link, then came to Horton’s at that time.

            The Turks have a complete cover up mentality there…no artifacts prior to Ataturk. Surprised he was behind this, thought he was working to bring ‘moderation’ to Turkey.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Thank-You Julie. God-bless.

  • Kamau41

    Erdogan continues to focus on the year 2023 to have the rebuilding of the Ottoman Empire completed, including now the Temple of Zeus. The days ahead of us are really going to become more and more interesting. What you’ve mentioned at the very end though gives me great encouragement to keep on rowing. “The Ottomans returned Izmir (Smyrna) back to its pagan roots. Therefore, we must strive through Christ to return it to its Christian glory.”

  • ace

    Interesting tidbits from Wiki: “In 1625 William Petty, chaplain to Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel, a collector and art patron, traveled through Turkey, visited Pergamon, and brought back to England two relief panels from the altar. These pieces were forgotten after the Earl’s collection was dispersed and were only rediscovered in the 1960s. For this reason these two panels are lacking in the Berlin reconstruction.” “One of the two fragments, a back view of a Giant, was found in 1962 on the wall of a building in Worksop, (Nottinghamshire) England. The second panel, showing a dead Giant, had been built into a Gothic ruin in Fawley Court (Buckinghamshire), see: Michael Vickers: The Thunderbolt of Zeus: Yet More Fragments of the Pergamon Altar in the Arundel Collection, in American Journal of Archaeology, vol. 89, no. 3 (July, 1985), pp. 516–519.” Fawley Court became Divine Mercy College in 1953. The energetic founder and headmaster, Fr. Jarzębowski, was captivated by history and started a museum. In 1985, an earlier acquisition, by John Freeman, of a fragment from the Pergamon Altar that Freeman had placed over the entrance to the Gothic folly in the grounds was sold off, or was it?

    Go read this (pages 6 & 7 are in English): http://www.nowyczas.co.uk/wydania/154/nowyczas.pdf ” …it is clear that our Greek Fallen Giant needs finding, and rescuing! We last had sight of him as Lot 258 at Christie’s auction on 10 December 1985, when he was unsold. This unique stone head and torso, has both marble fragments of a ”thigh”, the first ”Roman, circa 2nd Century AD,” and the second, ”Greek, 5th Century BC”, are both described as ”presumed Arundel.” The catalogue front page title says; ”The ArundelMarbles and other Sculpture from Fawley Court”… John Freeman owned Fawley Court prior to the Mackenzies, and rumour had it that he had been a satanist…”

    The other piece of the Pergamon Altar from Arundel’s Collection in Worksop? It is of the giant Porphyrion, and is on display in the public library in Worksop Nottinghamshire. http://www.cornucopia.net/guide/listings/museums/pergamon-museum/

  • rodolfo

    It is interesting to know what shall be the event laid by arduan to achieve all that by 2023. Some pieces of the puzzle were already discussed in shoebat.com.

  • Julie

    Pergamum….this is taking us back to the Book of revelations where Christ only addresses one person outside of the apostles — St. Patimos….put into an oven in the shape of an iron bull, fire lit beneath it, but with this bishop, who was casting demons out of Pergamum, instead of crying in pain, the torturers simplyl heard him praying softly for his flock to persevere.

    Asia Minor has had some of the worst persecutions in Christianity.

    Hitler took the altar didn’t he to Berlin, and from there spoke of the fire….that implies to us today the holocaust ovens….???….

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Good catch …

  • Owen Schumacher

    I know you’re not one for too much speculation, Walid, but how are we to understand the year 2023—Erdoğan’s magical deadline date—and how it might factor into prophetic events? Is it the beginning of something, the end of something? Or is it of no consequence and we should ignore it?

    • Steven

      This is something I’ve thought about as well. If Erdogan has his eyes set on 2023 as the date on which his Neo-Ottoman Empire is resurrected and completed, then he’d obviously have to start something soon. Like a War or a Peace deal or whatever that supports him in accomplishing this Neo Ottoman dream.

      My personal theory is that if the 2023 date means anything to Bible Prophecy, then the Antichrist will have to reveal himself somewhere between 2019 or 2020 and start a war just as the Bible predicts. He is destined to rule for 3 and a half years anyway.

      Daniel 11
      At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. He will also invade the Beautiful Land. Many countries will fall, but Edom, Moab and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand. He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushitese in submission. But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. He will pitch his royal tents between the seas and the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.

      That verse gives me the impression that he hasn’t accomplished his Neo-Ottoman Empire yet, and will eagerly try to do so by waging war and murdering millions. I might be wrong though.

      What do you think? Would love to hear some opinions on this.

      • richinnameonly

        No, it’s not accomplished yet, but his aim is 2023. IMHO he is well on his way to meeting that goal, as witnessed by the recent “coup” used to increase his power and recent “peace initiatives” reported on here a day or so ago. He will do impressive things which will convince and force many to fall in line under him on paper and in deed. We seem to be witnessing the reconstruction of the beast as described in Rev 17:8.

        • Steven

          True… But what do you think of 2019 and 2020? Do you think he’d reveal himself as “God” then or after the 2023 date?

          • richinnameonly

            I don’t think there’s any way of knowing for sure. I think he’s making “progress” in line with his schedule, but 2019 or 2020 seems a little early to me. If he has all his ducks in a row in 2023 his declaration would be most believable to those who would be susceptible to believe the lie.

            We think Erdogan is the anti Christ but we’re not 100% sure, and he is the one naming 2023. If we suspected someone else we might be looking at whatever date they might be talking about, if any.
            Identifying himself as God (and that may be interpreted in a couple of ways) ultimately depends on the timetable of the real God.

        • Owen Schumacher

          Since we’re having fun speculating, I suspect that between now and 2023, Erdoğan will be conservatively accruing power by stealth and intrigue, in the spirit of his well planned coup over the summer. Like Hitler, he’s fairly patient: He won’t go full crazy (i.e. with non-proxy military engagement, naked invasions) until it’s the perfect time—which may be 2023. (However, look at what he’s already achieved by his proxies in ISIS and the so-called Syrian refugees.) Like Walid’s been saying, Erdoğan seems to be in alliance-building mode right now. He’ll unleash the fullness of his insanity at a later date—but not before fooling Israel, Russia, and the U.S. through stealth and diplomacy. Also, he hopes to swallow up Egypt and Libya, and that’s yet to happen.

          • richinnameonly

            I think we’re in agreement. It is kind of interesting to speculate, as long as we really know that we really don’t know!

          • Owen Schumacher


  • RodK1975

    I have a theory that as archeological discoveries are made, artifacts are uncovered and these ancient temples and so forth are rebuilt, the demons and evil spirits that reigned and ruled over these territories in the past are being strengthened and revived, so to speak.

    And, another observation… 2+0+2+3 = 7… Just sayin’.. lol

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    Isn’t “The Otomans returned to Pergamum back to their pagan roots”?

  • John Mungai

    Turkey is also excavating the world’s largest Islamic graveyard (photo above), the Seljuk graveyard in the eastern province of Bitlis’ where the Seljuks had a burial place from 1040 to the final era of the Ottomans.

    Seems the devil’s are coming out of the pit.

  • Wilma Mills


    • PaulF

      Exactly. Trying to get into heaven without him is a contradiction.

  • Gloria

    I think it’s interesting that Hitler also had a passion for art and plans for a Super Museum as does Erdogan, they have so much in common I imagine that the same spirit does/did posses them both.

    After reading this article I spent a lot of time reading on the Pergamon Altar and looking at the friezes. I think it’s also interesting that some of the the giants in these friezes look like winged angles. Also there are many snakes, the giants have snake legs, and the gods fighting who we know are demons are getting the better of the giants, which I am beginning to think is like the war in heaven. The demons are getting the better of angles and making them fall. Maybe I am getting an over active imagination but I think these friezes may be demonically inspired and intended as an insult to our true God.

    According to what I read today The alter had a hollow bronze bull at the top. Victims would be placed inside the bull, and they would tie them in such a way that their head would go into the head of the bull. A fire would be lit under the bull roasting the person inside of the bull alive. As the victim would begin to moan and to cry out in pain, their cries would echo through the pipes in the head of the bull so it seemed to make the bull come alive.

    This is how Saint Antipas, the Bishop of Pergamon was killed because he refused to renounce his Christian faith and stop casting out demons worshiped by the local population. Rev 2:13 “I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

    I know Brother Walid has covered this in other Pergamon alter articles. I am convinced that there is indeed very demonic activities going on concerning Erdogan and the alter. One other articles state ties to the alter and both world wars, though this may be debatable?

  • Tim

    In bible prophecy, a woman is a church….
    Rev 12 v5-6….. and she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God and to His thrown.
    And the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and three score days (1260 years).
    The church ( those who had accepted Christ into their hearts) fled a persecuting beast

    Before I can continue here, here are some verses that validate days being referred to as years … Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6

    Where did this persecuting beast get it’s strength? Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast saying , who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?

    Rev 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

    The beast deceptively led the world in worship to satan for 42 prophetic months or 1260 literal years… at the end of this time, it’s world dominance would end…. let’s continue….

    Revelation 17:8The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the
    bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth
    shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the
    foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is
    not, and yet is.

    The beasts rule would end after 1260 years (WAS) It would not exist as a world power for a time (IS NOT) but would regain world dominance (YET IS)

    All those who’s names who were not written in the book of life will wonder/marvel/admire after this beast power

    Vigillius ascended the papal chair in 538 AD under the military protection of Belisarius (History of the Christian church , Vol 3, page 327)

    In 1798 Napoleon’s General Berthier made his entrance into Rome, abolished the papal government and established a secular one. 538-1798 = 1260 years

    For 1260 years the papacy ruled the known world…. much of this time was also known as the dark ages

    From 1798 until 1929 the papal state did not exist…
    Mussolini and Cardinal Gasspari in 1929 signed the Lateran treaty restoring The papacy to being a state once again…. healing the “mortal wound” spoken of in Revelation….and all the world marveled.

    Today all the world continues to marvel at the papacy Rev 13:3

    My intentions for putting this information out here is to let people know that a church is where two or more people who have the love of Christ in their hearts are gathered together to worship and fellowship in that love.
    There is coming a time soon when churches of the 501c3 category will not be functioning due to gov’t tyranny and regulation. The only churches that will be allowed to function will be ones that follow the dictates of the new world order.

    Know your first love, Christ the Savior…. ask the Holy Spirit into your heart and seek those around you that share in that blessed light from the Father….Amen

    • Tim,

      How does your post here have anything to do with the article? And why post this nonsense date calculation under an article that discusses Erdogan and Zeus?

      Or are you missile set that everywhere and anywhere you want to attack what you think is Antichrist: The Catholic?

      the papacy had full control over the state after Justinian died in 565, then grew for the first time under Pope Gregory I. This was after 600 A.D.

      The Decretal of Justinian in 533 (not 538 AD) made the Pope the delegated head of state however the pope still had to answer to the Caesar who maintained the real power over Rome until 565. Therefore The Papacy did not wield uncontested authority until 565 AD. 565-1798 is only 1233 Years.

      STOP DOING CALCULATIONS and RESPECT this blog please keeping your discussion to the articles provided.

      • Tim

        Hi Walid,

        My post does have relevance.

        The papacy itself is as much of a threat to Christians as the article portends about the muslims.
        No born again Christian could ever accept the teachings of Islam… but they could be deceived by an entity within their own circles.
        The current stance by the Vatican is that all faiths in the world are avenues to God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6FfTxwTX34

        The pope is painting a broad road to meeting God when he should be declaring from the mountain tops that salvation and redemption is achieved through one path.

        The luciferian beast system has many manifestations in this world… Islam is one, secularization is one and watering down the Christian gospel within churches is another….

        I felt it necessary to point out where a true church amongst believers really resides… within the heart.

    • PaulF

      I’m sorry sir, you’re not paying enough attention to Scripture.
      A church does not bring forth a male child. For that you need a flesh and blood woman.
      If you are still in doubt that the woman referred to in Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12 is Mary, please see Luke 1:48: “henceforth, all generations will call me blessed.”
      If you believe the term ‘me’ refers to anyone other than the speaker, Mary, I’m afraid I can’t take your comments seriously because you are making the word of God of no effect.

      • Excellent and well put.

        • PaulF

          Thank you.

        • Julie

          see above…and I heard this from Hal Lindsey in 1970 at a college campus.

          He was referring to the quote and said there would be a pope who would come and would be killed and taken up to heaven before his time…

          • PaulF

            Pope John Paul 2 was the longest reigning pope in history and he died of natural causes at age 84. Hardly the candidate for someone who was killed before his time?

          • Julie

            Have to step back. Are you young person? Do you know JPII nearly missed being assassinated on May 13, 1982 by a Turk?

      • Julie

        It is referring to the papacy….someone who will rule with a rod of iron…and many think it was John Paul II who was almost killed….but Mary, the woman clothed with the sun, saved his life.

        I heard this from Hal Lindsey, 1970, at a college campus years ago….Hal is a Protestant mystic.

        Our Lady of Fatima…and the attempted assassination was done by a Turk…who is now converted to Christianity…in the Church, ,a Catholic.

        • PaulF

          Hal Lindsey is your authority on biblical prophecy?
          He prophesied that the 1980s would be the ‘Countdown to Armageddon.’ In fact the 1980s were the countdown to the end of the Cold War.
          And he teaches that the EU is ‘the beast with ten horns …’ all the stuff that Walid has exposed for the nonsense it is.
          Be careful with the prophets you choose to listen to.

          • Julie

            That was thrown out to you because it is a Protestant source, and frankly that is all I remember of his speech and remember him thinking it was Russia, and you come across as doubting.

            The Catholic Church is the only source I refer to as having the authority to interpret Scripture for our times…and it is quite clear that Rev 12 is referring to the Great Sign in the Sky…Mary.

            I have read Fr Gobi’s…..the 10 horns are the 10 blasphemies through modern communication (the horn) that blaspheme the 10 commandments and lead the world into hell.

            The Fatima Secret…pertained to the loss of many within the Catholic Church,…their spiritual death…and the martyrdom of many, and the attempt on the life of the pope.

            However, the papacy is always targeted by certain Protestant sects, and enemies of Christ. St. Peter was martyred.

            There are a sizeable number of popes who were killed for their faith. You can look it up.

  • PaulF

    The Germans should be in a hurry to get rid of that altar. How could it bring anything but a curse into their country?

  • PaulF

    The church is the woman and the pope is the male child she brings forth?
    So the church is leading the war against the dragon and the pope is watching her from heaven?

    • Julie

      All the saints pray for us from heaven. If I can get there, I am not going to sit around having a debt free life all based on my own comfort.

      The Woman is synonymous for both the Blessed Mother, the Christian par excellence, conceived without sin, who assisted the apostles. It is Mary who guided St. Luke in providing us his gospel.

      The Woman is also the Church, represented by the twelve stars around her head, representing the apostles.

      The Woman does not have 12 bibles around her head.

      The Church operates through the elect…just as Christ did and set down.

      The primacy of Peter is the bishop of Rome, the pope, title which came later to reflect the great diversity of the Church into many countries, culture and languages.

      The Church, through the reflection and voting by the cardinals — who wear red symbolizing they are the first ones to lay down their lives and shed their blood for this office, brings forth the pope in union with the Holy Spirit.

      And it is in union with the Holy Spirit prior, that Mary gave us Christ, not something in text form separated from human authority.

      The primacy of Peter holds the keys to the Blood of Christ.

      The Bible is written…in a certain sense…I forget the word right now, a Hebrew word…where many events have been explained that you think they are written in different time zones. But in many instances of Scripture the events are happening at the same time.

      Scripture is the Living Word of God that is summed up: Christ the Lord, the Living God, Logos. So every generation is dealing with a false prophet — there were the gnostic heretics at the beginning who denied the Eucharist and operated on secret knowledge that gave rise to Muhammed, and the Red Dragon has been there as well in its persecutions and genocides of innocent human blood.

      But the seer of Fatima, Sr Lucia said we are living out the times of Ch 8 t Ch 13 of Re velations…and…

      After Islam…with Mary bringing forth many conversions by Muslims to Christianity….the next to be dealt with is Red China. Yet many Christian conversions there that are rising in numbers.

      We have been living in the age of Mary since the siege of Islam, and the Church is well aware of the great persecutions by the communists towards Christianity…may be you could also say the Red Dragon also represents communism.

      We have been praying for the conversion of Russia since 1917. And Mary did not use the communist name, but the traditional name from Scripture….’Rus’.

      So yes, John Paul II is a canonized saint, and is indeed not just idly sitting by but praying for the perseverance of the just and the conversion of sinners while praising the Lord before His altar.