Obama Nominates Foreign Born Muslim To Become Federal Judge- This Is The Beginning Of Shariah Law And The End For American Law As We Know It


This story has made headlines all throughout the mainstream media- but not for the right reasons. This is another milestone in the Islamization of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood promised it for years, and we knew this day was coming, but now that it has arrived is a major warning to all Americans concerned about the danger that is Islam:

Lawyer Abid Qureshi could become the first Muslim federal judge. President Obama nominated Qureshi for an open seat on the federal court in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

American Muslims have served as judges at the state level, but never as a federal judge, says Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy group.

“This is a very, very exciting time, and we are just so thrilled that the president took this step,” Khera says of Qureshi’s nomination.

Qureshi, born in Pakistan and now a U.S. citizen, graduated from Cornell University and Harvard Law. He has spent his entire career at Latham & Watkins.

The National Law Journal says Qureshi’s clients include a student loan servicing company, a pharmacy giant and the Hospital Corporation of America. He also represented a private school with ties to the Saudi Arabian government in a case before the National Labor Relations Board. The dispute centered on whether the board had jurisdiction over the school’s decision to fire a teacher. Qureshi cast the case as a matter of religious freedom — and he won.

Friends say he is passionate about donating his time to good causes. Some of those pro bono projects have been colorful. Khera of Muslim Advocates points to a case her group handled with Qureshi as co-counsel last year. They represented two American Muslim comedians who had been told they could not run ads for their movie in the New York subway system. The comic documentary, The Muslims Are Coming, was designed to counter negative stereotypes.

Qureshi once again prevailed in the case. As CBS New York reported at the time, a federal judge sided with comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad about their free speech rights, and the ads ran bway. (source)

The story itself would seem to be rather innocuous, but nothing could be further from the truth.

For years, Muslim groups have been stuffing as many people as possible into the legal profession, and the purpose of this is really not to become a lawyer, but rather that one of them would become a judge. In the USA, whether it is admitted or not, the fact is that judges essentially function as autocrats. The concept of the “will of the people” is a joke because it does not matter what the people want, even if it is all of them, if a judge deciding the case rules against them. We have turned the legislative branch into simply a more ritualized version of a dictatorship.


Foreign Muslims, such as the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, heavily funded Muslim legal education foundations in the USA with this goal- to get into the courts and subvert the US from within, as the Muslim Brotherhood has talked about for years

The Muslims know this, and their thinking is simple- get a Muslim to become a judge, preferably one with alot of power, and then simply start ruling in favor of Islamic law on cases. This would be a way to institute Shariah Law in the USA without even having to go through the formalities of convincing people, arguing, fighting, and so forth, because if a judge in the USA says it, it is either obey or go to jail and lose all your property and social standing.

This Muslim being nominated, Abid Qureshi, is a Pakistani with a history of arguing pro-Muslim cases in court, as the article points out. It is no surprise why Obama picked him for this position- because his sympathies towards Islam would become the deciding factor in his judicial rulings.


Muslims have been bragging about taking over the West not through military invasions of the past, but through subverting the laws of the society against the very people who invited them in. Islam cannot coexist with ideas like free speech, free assembly, and difference in religious beliefs because Islam would use them to further its own end of eliminating them and establishing Islam as the only and unopposed force in their place.

Europe right now is being destroyed due to both immigration laws and a perverted sense of mercy. In America’s case, we might find ourselves being destroy by immigration laws but instead a perverted sense of justice.



  • richinnameonly

    Can Trump “fire” Muslim federal judges if he gets into the White House?

    • Doc

      They can be impeached. I believe the Senate impeaches judges all the time.

      I’m curious as to why Obama waited so late in his term to pull this stunt? Maybe there aren’t that many Muslim judges?

      • Michael Powell

        I believe he would like nothing less than for this appointment to be to the SCOTUS.

      • richinnameonly

        Maybe he was trying for as long as he could to keep as many people as possible believing he is a Christian. Ha!

      • magaforever

        He just wants to piss off whity …it shows what a classless pos he is ..his stupid little sharia dreams will be up in smoke when those mosques start burning

  • Michael Powell

    Did you mean to say, “destroyed not by immigration laws but by a perverted sense of justice”? I hear you. It is troubling at best; vexing.

  • Flame blue

    Muslims choose their work and careers based on what profits Islam to further its cause. Muslims have told me this! So, when a Muslim chooses law as his career and he studies to achieve the Western Qualifications then he has not done that for to assist democracy or Western Law and the non Muslim people.

    Ajum Choudrey is a qualified lawyer in British Law, and he used his knowledge of our Laws ( which he despises) to keep himself abreast of the Law and not fall foul of it, so that he could argue with police officers, tell them that under the Law he could not be indicted for inciting terrorism etc, and no Police Authorites or British Judges could get him to walk over a line and face prison. Ajum also used his knowledge of the Law to serve fellow Muslims, telling them how to handle situations where they were facing judgement on crimes against kufrs.

    The only way that the Law authorities managed to charge Choudrey was that British Law underwent an alteration quietly and without ceremony ( and would you believe it, British evil media didn’t do their job and pick up on it and alert Choudrey) and Choudrey didn’t know that it had become a crime just 2 weeks before he incited, cajoled, young Muslims to fight for Isis as was their duty, he said. Ajum thought that he was clear on doing this incitement under free speech, unaware that free speech has undergone a change in its defination. He should have taken advice from the non Muslims because we have been ‘ unofficially’ facing hate crime charges for long enough, and were puzzled as to how Choudrey and crew were being left alone.

    It seems many non Muslims have accepted the rap for hate crime speech at times when we were still under free speech, something Ajum would never accept because he challenged the Law and if it was unofficial then he didn’t go down for it. Choudrey was only jailed for 5 years 6 months, and one of his men went down for the same term. It represents only aprox 3 years unless the prison staff can say that he has incited violence when in the prison, but who will spill the beans on him? Ajum will go onto a wing run ( unofficially ) by Muslims and will be treated as a great jihadist who has already quaranteed his place in Paradise, indeed he will be celebrated and be iconised as a legend.

    • Juan

      Kill f*cking Choudry and incinerate the body (they fear incineration more than pig skin, etc.).

      One bullet and after just fire.

      • magaforever

        I’d burn choudery alive why waste a good bullet?

        • Flame blue

          We need people like you in Britain but unfortunately we don’t have any.

      • Flame blue

        Choudrey has radicalised many British Muslims, and he has his fan club. He and his family live in a large house paid for by the British tax payers, and we give them their food and clothes and luxury items. Choudrey says that he is entitled to the benefits as he’s a Muslim and we are his slaves, and he works on the Jihad activities and needs to use his time for that instead of working for a living. He has been protected by the police and kufrs aren’t allowed to accost him or rebuke him. Britain is a very safe country for Muslims, that’s why Choudrey has not been given the bullet. It’s only Muslims that get to go about terrorising kufrs, not the other way around. We are not allowed to hit him with a pork sausage or even let him smell a bacon roll. We are good little people.

        Already Ajum will have made 10 complaints on his own behalf in prison and will make many complaints on behalf of other Muslims. I am guessing that, but l am likely right! The Muslims say that he should not have been jailed and we are stupid kafr because it costs a lot to send him to prison. On that basis, we should jail no one!! It would not surprise me if Ajum alleges racism or cruel treatment in prison, something he makes up, then the judge will take his word for it and punish Britain and award Choudry a million pound or two. Waiting for it, it’s guaranteed! Definately, if he is allowed to have a Muslim judge qualified in British Law of course!

  • Juan

    The West have a really bizarre sense of freedom and mercy. Freemasonry is opening the gates to muslims in order to create order from chaos.

    • PaulF

      Afraid so. Shrinerism, related to Masonry, openly glorifies Islam. Masonry is more cryptic about it, but at bottom these two secret societies are working for the religion of false peace.
      By the way, I would have said ‘to create chaos from order.’

  • Sue Ghitza

    Well, after he declared that “we are no longer a christian nation, at least not just…”, are we surprised by this?!
    As an Eastern European who had big hopes when I moved to the States, I have to say that I am saddened by the daily dose of evil that fills up this world of ours – both here and throughout the rest of our planet.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Saudi Arabia cashing in on their Clinton Foundation pay for play $Millions…

  • PaulF

    “In the USA, whether it is admitted or not, the fact is that judges essentially function as autocrats. The concept of the “will of the people” is a joke because it does not matter what the people want, even if it is all of them, if a judge deciding the case rules against them. We have turned the legislative branch into simply a more ritualized version of a dictatorship.”
    That is very profound and I believe it is true. Roe v. Wade in 1973, and at least two 8-year presidents wanted to reverse it but their hands were tied by a handful of unelected officials long since left office. More recently, Kennedy comes out with his farcical declaration that ‘the constitution grants them that right’ (homosexual ‘marriage’) and a majority of states have the horror of rampaging homosexuality forced down their necks, threatening a rerun of the Civil War.
    There is something very dangerous about the power given to judges.

  • rodolfo

    Goodbye American constitution welcome sharia law.
    Pray Pray Pray that the America shall have protection from Heaven.

  • Flame blue

    Yes, it’s true, he is legally qualified as a British Lawyer. He is also a Sharia Law expert and he preaches Islam as a imam. Actually, Choudrey tends to tell the truth about what Islam stands for. He has said many times, that the Muslims intend to overpower Britain and Europe, and they will enslave, Jiziya tax Christians and subjugate and humiliate them and all women forced to wear veils and burkas in dark colours. Christians will need to submit to the rules of the Muslims and property will be confiscated for the use of Muslims. Choudrey has been rebuked for telling us kafrs that, and the other Muslims tell him we should not be warned because it puts us on guard. However, it doesn’t put our Government on guard, they fast track Muslims to high positions very quickly in politics.

  • Rjk

    All of Hollywierd movies portray Americans over the years as tough gun slinging macho.
    I can’t believe this country is being taken down by this demon obama and clinton.
    When are the people of the movies going to stand up to this evil. Why won’t the military seize this garbage in the white house.

  • 1Bobby8

    All I kept hearing from liberals and others in politics and the media during Obama’s reign was; “He’s Christian, he said so himself, why should we doubt him?” Do we have to answer that?

  • paulette barrow

    And we will sit back and say ok no problem,we are letting this happen to this country PERIOD!!!!

  • paulette barrow

    I feel sorry for you guys with your new PM,that guy is bad news for you people

  • BC

    just pay attention to these words, especially when this fag starts to chime in on them–because unless they get the guns, they’ll never stand a chance pushing their wicked Leftist NWO bullchit…not a chance.

    “commonsense gun legislation” **The Leftist NWO snakes, ALL OF THEM….they all get behind the same dialogue…..”commonsense” is one of their top 5 favorite watering-down terms to try and trick the idiots/indoctrinated.