Nazism Is Taking Over Germany, The Muslims And The Germans Are Working Together To Cause Mass Violence That Will Spark Major War And Usher In The Revived Nazi Empire That Will Slaughter Countless Christians


Der Unsterblichen, or “the Immortals,” hordes of Neo Nazis in Germany that have made huge crowds on the streets

By Theodore Shoebat

Years ago I had thought that the notion of a Fourth Reich was a far-fetched idea shelved in the hauls of ‘conspiracy theories’ since no one in the right mind would fall for Nazism again. Today, after you journey with me on what I have explored, you, as I did,  will be compelled to completely change your mind as you shall see, the new trap is of different design, yet leads to the same evil results. 

If you think I am kidding, just watch this:

It is truly surreal to see history repeating itself in Germany. It is conventionally believed that Germany is a righteous country, that it is not going to return to its evil roots, and that it is being tormented by violent migrants. It is certainly true that Muslim migrants are detrimental to Europe, but there is another occurrence taking place, a far more sinister plan behind it, and very few are noticing it.

The Muslims did not just barge into Europe, they were encouraged and allowed in by European elites, in a conspiracy with Turkey, in order to cause enough chaos in the continent to provoke the masses to accept totalitarianism as the solution. With the rise of Islamic violence, comes the intensification of racial division in the society, and with this, people become prone to racialist theories, and thus comes the upsurge of Nazi politicians in Germany. The governmental officials responsible for allowing in the Muslim hordes knew very well what consequences would come about by allowing people from Islamic countries. It was all part of a plan: bring in waves of Muslims, knowing that they will cause violence, stir the people’s emotions to accepting tyranny.

We see this with the rise of the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which consists of politicians in favor of Nazism, Social Darwinism and eugenics. The AfD has recently become the third largest party in Germany, it continues to increase in popularity, while the two establishment parties — the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany — continue to decline in popularity. While the AfD grows, it is receiving substantial support from “conservative” groups and organizations in the United States. did an extensive investigation on the AfD, looking at German sources that little to no English speaking media outlets are reporting on.

Like in the US, Germany has been dominated by two parties: the Christian Democratic Union  (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (CDP). They are referred to as “Volksparteien,” or “people’s parties,” and between each other they divided up to 80% of the vote. But thanks to the inundation of refugees into Germany, this is now changing. With collective hatred for Merkel intensifying, the racialist political party, AfD (Alternative for Germany Party), is filling in the vacuum that was formed on account of angry conservatives dissenting from the traditional establishment of the CDU. As one German report states:

“Because Merkel has abandoned those on the right wing of the CDU, the AfD has filled the void and has been boosted by the refugee crisis. That, in turn, could spell the end to the CDU’s firm grip on the conservative half of Germany’s political spectrum.”

It was not until 2013, at the beginning of the refugee crises in Germany, that the AfD arose and that a party like it received nationwide attention. Now the AfD is the third largest party in Germany, and it is growing in popularity as both the CDP and the CDU are quickly losing support.

A major member of the AfD, Bjorn Hocke, has been very active teaching Social-Darwinist ideology. He is heavily influenced by the British-Canadian Social-Darwinist, J, Philippe Rushton. Rushton was very vocal and outspoken about his support for eugenics, and even went so far as to blame Holocaust survivors for making the study of eugenics taboo. The AfD official, Hocke, has openly referenced Rushton’s book, Race, Evolution and Behavior, in which it is written:

“Among the refugees who fled Nazi persecution and entered Britain and the United States in the 1930s and 1940s there were many who exerted a powerful influence on the Zeitgeist of the social sciences, helping to create an orthodoxy of egalitarianism and environmentalism (Degler, 1991).” (p. 14)

Rushton affirms in his book that he is following the legacy of Francis Galton, the nephew of Charles Darwin and the founder of eugenic studies, and his publication is littered with Galton’s name. He writes in his book:

“Many nineteenth-century scientists including Broca, Darwin, Galton, Lombroso, and Morton concluded that there were racial differences in brain size” (p. 238)

Francis Galton defined eugenics as “the science which deals with all influences that improve the inborn qualities of a race; also with those that develop them to the utmost advantage.”  Galton was of course continuing the teaching of his uncle, Charles Darwin, who wrote:

“With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed and the sick; we institute poor laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of everyone to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands who, from a weak constitution, would formerly have succumbed to smallpox. Thus, the weak members of civilized society propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but, excepting in the case of man himself, hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.” (Darwin, The Descent of Man, 2nd ed., pp. 133-134, 1887)

Numerous members of the AfD belong to an obscure fraternity called Burschenschaft. It is an obscure, cult-like group, who wears old fashioned colored hats and conducts evening processions in which their members hold torches.  Hocke is a very prominent figure within this very same fraternity which, in 2010, invited Philippe Rushton to a lecture entitled “Race, Evolution and Behavior”. In 2011 a discussion about how members need to have “proof of Aryan descent” was started in the German Burschenschaft.

The fact that you have a high ranking German politician that is part of a group that emphasizes on the importance of “German descent,” the Aryan race, should signify to us that the nation is reverting back, very quickly, to the genocidal roots of its former generation. Here are some photos which found on their official Facebook page:

Nightly procession of the Burschenschaft Gothia

Nightly procession of the Burschenschaft Gothia





The evening procession is reminiscent with the night marches of recently formed Nazi organization, Die Unsterblichen, or the Immortals. Their marches can be seen online, and it is obvious that they have a substantial following:

And what does this remind us of? The Nazis of old:

What is disturbing is how no mainstream conservative publications — not even the Zionists or the counter-jihad movement — who love to speak on Iran, Israel and the Holocaust, are not saying a word on this dark reality in Germany. Another member of the AfD, Torben Braga, who is also a part of the fraternity, said:  “If someone is committed to Germany and German descent, they can join us.”

Torben Braga

Torben Braga

Torben Braga, with his traditional Deutschen Burschenschaft hat

Torben Braga, with his traditional Deutschen Burschenschaft hat, showing his membership to the cultic fraternity

Philipp Runge, who is responsible to the department strategy and campaigns for the field organization and planning for the AfD, belongs to the Burschenschaft Gothia. Ulrich Wlecke, another AfD official, belongs to the fraternity. Numerous other AfD members, such as Ralf Splitzl, and Gordon Engler, all belong to the fraternity.

Philipp Runge, AfD official

Philipp Runge, AfD official


Ulrich Wlecke

Ulrich Wlecke


Gordon Engler

Gordon Engler

Rudolf Mueller, the AfD’s lead candidate for next year’s state election in Saarland, is said to have been caught selling actual Nazi swastika insignias and medals from the Third Reich in his antique shop. An undercover buyer, working for the publication, Stern, went into the shop and actually purchased some money used in concentration camps and a swastika medal. This was an illegal act, and now authorities in Saarland have launched an investigation on Mueller. In response to this, Mueller has said that he did not know that selling Nazi paraphernalia was against the law.    

Rudolf Mueller

Rudolf Mueller

 What we are seeing in Germany is not normal nationalism or counter-jihadism, as it is being portrayed by the right wing in America, but racialism breaking the barriers of taboos, and boldly expressing itself. For example, Andreas Scheuer, the general secretary for Bavaria’s governing Christian Social Union, just recently said:

“the worst is a football-playing altar-serving Senegalese… who has been here for three years – as an economic refugee – we can’t get rid of him”.

Here, Scheuer is not speaking of Muslims, but African Catholics, showing that the hatred is beyond Islam, and is now bent upon pursuing race and going against Catholics.

Andreas Scheuer

Andreas Scheuer

Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx, condemned the statement, saying that he was “horrified and incensed” by Scheuer’s remark. Cologne’s Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, accused the Christian Social Union of “promoting the work of the right-wing populist AfD”. The Christian Social Union is the sister organization of the CDU, or the Christian Democratic Union, the protestant political party that is currently headed by Angela Merkel, which may very well mean that the Cardinal’s words correspond with our suspicion: that the German political establishment is manipulating the German population into the same fascist goals of the AfD.

A significant influence on the AfD, and on racialist movements in Germany in general, is Thilo Sarrazin. He wrote a book that was published in 2010, entitled Germany Abolishes Itself, in which he elaborated on the genetic differences between various races and how they impact inherited intelligence. Thilo affirmed that Jews are 15% more intelligent than Germans, and that Germans are more intelligent than other non-White races. By saying that Jews are genetically superior in intelligence, people may not be so quick to think of Nazism, and also many Jews may fancy such ideas. The trap is being redesigned, to cover up Nazism, and to not appear antisemitic. Perhaps this is why, as we shall see later, numerous Jewish elites, working for the American Renaissance organization, support the AfD and Thilo’s type of work. Nonetheless, it is still racialism, no matter what race is being praised. Thilo also wrote: “more children of the clever, before its too late.”

The publication was not subscribed to by some fringe group; it sold 1.2 million copies in just six months, it became Germany’s biggest best seller since its reunification. As Barrie Levine wrote, it has “become one of the most widely read books in Germany since Mein Kampf (Fekete 2011).” (See Race, Racism and Social Work, p. 111)   Wilfried Weber, a manager of the Felix Jud bookstore in Hamburg, said:

“There are diehards who show up every day, hoping that I might just have a copy left.”

Thilo Sarrazin

Thilo Sarrazin

What makes Thilo even more significant is the fact that he is not part of “the right,” but of the Social Democrats, a left wing party that is quite in favor of immigration and is popular amongst immigrant voters. The Social Democrats never expelled Thilo for his darwinist statements, giving his affirmations more strength in the eyes of his supporters.

Why would a high ranking member of a left-wing party, popular amongst immigrants, be spouting eugenist views? It is possible that such racialist figures want immigration, in order to conduct manipulation on the populace to drive them to be penchant towards despotism? Thilo’s work has been praised and adulated by both the political elites and a very substantial part of the population of Germany.

When a powerful nation has economic problems, politicians — who would have been unpopular or obscure otherwise — rise up and will point the finger at the group that anyone can attack without any repercussion: immigrants. The immigrants are always the ones who receive much of the blame, and who get the brunt of societal anger. New parties go from having a small constituency, to gaining great popularity, and what spawns is fanatical populism. This explains the rise of the AfD in Germany, with Germans seeing economic difficulties and swarms of refugees from the Muslim world, their anger is becoming more and more severe, and they are increasingly in favor for racialist politics. As one German journalist, Tobian Lill, put it:

“If the government continues on its current path, it is in for a rude awakening sooner than later. Many employed as well as unemployed people are already voting for the AfD. The party has recently changed its position on numerous social and political issues. If the welfare state faction of the party succeeds against the economically-liberal faction, the AfD could remain in second place, even if the refugee crisis is resolved. In many places, it could even become a leading party.”

AfD members took several seats in Berlin’s parliament in the recent election, and one of the winners is a blatant Nazi, named Kay Nerstheimer. He defended SS captain Erich Priebke, who had been imprisoned in Italy in 1998 for his role in the 1944 massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome, in which German forces slaughtered 335 Italians — 75 of whom were Jews. On his Facebook page, Nerstheimer posted a photo of Nazi soldiers in Hitler’s army, with the caption: “Each of them is a fine example to the people”.

Kay Nerstheimer

Kay Nerstheimer

In July, Nerstheimer posted a video entitled: “It’s all a LIE! The true cause of the war of 1939”. The video presented a talk by German revisionist Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, who lays doubt on Germany’s responsibility behind the Second World War, and puts the blame on Catholic Poland. One day before posting this, Nerstheimer posted an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, that the Jews started WW2, saying: 

“the forces that caused the First World War also caused the second one … Now they are on the edge of starting a third one and are always finding idiots that will obey them.”

 Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof

Nerstheimer even goes so far as to say that the Nazis who slaughtered people were innocent, arguing that their victims were “guerrilla fighters” and thus not under the protections of the law.“Therefore the shootings were legal,” Nerstheimer wrote. Another words, it was open season on Catholics, Orthodox Slavs and Jews.

Another newly elected AfD member for Berlin’s parliament is Ronald Glaser. He does not just go against Muslims, he has directed rage against Winston Churchill himself, referring to him as a “war criminal”. “What would have happened if the English had not declared war on us Germans for no good reason in 1939?” he wrote in a 2010 article comparing Churchill with Hitler.

“The two warlords are not treated equally as war criminals, which they both were,” he wrote.

“Fifty million people dead. Half of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, the Czech and Slovak Republics under communist rule. This is the world that Churchill gave us. Of course not alone. But with his blindness to the real war aims of Stalin and his war against Germany he greatly contributed.”

Ronald Glaser

Ronald Glaser

Another very notable distinction of the “counter-jihadists” and racialists in the US and Europe is their acceptance of homosexuality. found in the German media that in the AfD there are many homosexuals, as is revealed in one recent interview of an AfD leader, Mirko Welsch, who heads the homosexual branch of the party. In the interview, the sodomite said:

“It is a typical stereotype that all homosexuals have to choose green, left or liberal. Indeed there are many homosexuals who think conservative. In a reader survey of “Men” magazine – a magazine that is aimed at homosexuals – the AFD has landed in third place. The AFD is not homophobic, even if they are always blamed as so.”

Mirko Welsch

Mirko Welsch

While being in support for homosexuality, Welsch said that the German people must “not lose sight of the traditional family.” What is happening today is really a return to the homosexuality of the Nazis, in which perversity is indulged in, while “family values” are touted and boasted of. As historian Gerhard Rempel wrote:

“Homosexuality, meanwhile, continued on into the war years when Hitler Jugend boys frequently  became victims of molestations at the hands of their SS tutors; Himmler consistently took a hard line against it publicly but was quite willing to mitigate his penalties privately and keep every incident as secret as possible.” (Rempel: 51f) 

In the immediate years after WW1 and the socialist revolution in 1918, thousands of veteran soldiers of the German army joined quasi-military units called Freikorps (Free Corps). It was this group that would eventually help give birth to national socialism in Germany. A great many of their leaders were, unsurprisingly, homosexual, as historian G.S. Graber writes:

“Many… [Freikorps] leaders were homosexual; indeed homosexuality appears to have been widespread in several volunteer units. Gerhard Rossbach… was an open homosexual. On his staff was Lieutenant Edmund Heines who was late to become the lover of Ernst Roehm” (Graber:33). 

It is akin to the perspective observed in the Islamic world, where women are viewed for breeding while men and boys are taken for demonic and deranged pleasure. These perverts are like the SA, Nazi homosexuals who helped put Hitler in power. Amongst the leaders of Hitler’s SA was a homosexual named Edmund Heines, a very sadistic person, for as historian Frank Rector wrote: “He liked to shoot his victims in the face with his 7.65 Walter automatic or beat them to death with a club.” (Rector:89)

Edmund Heines

Edmund Heines

 One of the organizers for the SA was Gerhard Rosbach, a homosexual sadist and and a prominent contributor for the pre-Hitler youth movement. As historian Robert G.L. Waite wrote:

With the exception of Ehrhardt, Gerhard Rossbach, sadist, murderer, and homosexual was the most admired hero of nationalistic German youth. “In Ehrhardt, but also Rossbach,” says a popular book on the youth movement, “we see the Fueherer of our youth. These men have become the Idolized Man, idolized… and honored as can only happen when the personality of an individual counts more than anything else” … the most important single contributor of the pre-Hitler youth movement [was] Gerhard Rossbach (Waite, 1969:210f).

Gerhard Rosbach

Gerhard Rosbach

Notice, a homosexual sadist is adulated and esteemed as “the Idolized Man,” the ideal male. It has become obvious that this evil is coming back, with the rise of racialist politics. When you have Alt-Right acolytes like Milo Yiannapolous of saying that “gay men are smarter: we test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts”, and conservatives in both America and Europe fawning over him as some hero, it is not just a sign of utter moral decay, but a collective penchant towards political movements in which fanatic nationalism and homosexuality are conjoined into a hybrid ideology.

This salivation over homosexual “conservatives” is  being  done and promoted by major groups and activists like, Pamela Geller, Jihad Watch, Frontpage Magazine, American Renaissance, and David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, and the entire mainstream counter-jihad movement. This promotion of homosexuality, in which perversity, violence and supremacist thinking, is encouraged, was heavy in the Nazi SA division, as historian Louis Snyder described it:

“[Roehm] projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behavior pattern of high repute …he flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted that his cronies do the same. What was needed, Roehm believed, was a proud and arrogant lot who could brawl, carouse, smash windows, kill and slaughter for the hell of it. Straights, in his eyes, were not adept in such behavior as practicing homosexuals” (Snyder:55).

There are numerous figures in the realm of politics and even “counterjihad” who are promoting homosexuality, and not just as a perspective on “LGBT rights,” but to foster animosity against Christians and to promote homosexuality as supreme.  Take for example, Anne Marie Waters. While making herself out to be some bold speaker against Islam, she has described the Catholic Church as being “cruel, oppressive, and highly dangerous to gay individuals. … When the Vatican had political power in the world, it treated homosexuals just as Islamist states do today. In medieval Europe, which was dominated by political Catholicism, homosexual sex was punished by burning at the stake.” While she markets herself as being “against Islam,” and promotes homosexuality, she as well is pushing for victory for the Nazi AfD party:


What is both interesting and disturbing is how all of these so-called “counter jihadists” never stop talking about Israel, Hitler and the Nazism of the past, while they never say a word about the current Nazis ideology that is arising in present day Germany and the homosexual supremacist teaching being fostered by sodomite ideologues. It is always the case with the coward, speaking out against the dead Nazis while completely silent in regards to the living Nazi. 

Pamela Geller ceaselessly talks about Islam, but never has she once condemned or exposed the homosexual supremacist worldview.  Not only did she share a platform with sodomite supremacist, Milo Yiannopolous of Briebart, as Robert Spencer claimed, but expressed praise for the nazi AfD:

“The party [AfD] is just three years old, but their stunning success is a rebuke to the islamization of Germany and the Muslim invasion of Europe.”

Robert Spencer also praised the nazi AfD:

“The Alternative for Germany party wants to keep Muslims from immigrating so that jihadis won’t kill Germans. Those two stances couldn’t be less equivalent.” 

The evidence accumulates when Spencer works publicly with homosexual atheist, Douglas Murray, from whom we hear the sprinkles of the word ‘conservative.’ 


Douglas once boasted about how he argued for “the conservative case for gay marriage,” he also goes against, as he writes, “the opinions of certain homophobes who claim that gays are dangerous precisely because they are somehow going to ‘gay up’ wider society.” Douglas also chided Christians in Africa, saying that they have “a backward attitude towards homosexuality”. Thats right. If you do not accept homosexuality, think its evil and perverted, then you are “backwards,” according to the social darwinists of the “counter jihad movement.” And Robert Spencer, even though he claims to be Catholic, has no problem working and associating himself with such a degenerate nazi. 

The deception becomes crystal clear how the masses are sold: ‘Islam is bad,’ therefore ‘the AfD’s fight with Islam is the solution,’ when the reality is this: political parties, and other ideological groups, will use a situation in which a threat actually exists, make themselves to be the solution to it, and through this manipulate the emotions of the people and use them to advance their own tyrannical agenda. It is disturbing that Geller, being a Jew who is supposed to be weary of Nazism and Islam, supports such a group that is toxic and only benefits the evil intentions of pernicious organizations that are using the fears to open the doorway to racialism and eugenics. The AfD and their acolytes are using the Islamic problem to give leeway to a discussion on race, and to thus legitimize racialist ideologies, specifically, eugenics. 

One of the masterminds behind this movement is Swedish millionaire Evangelical, Alan Ayling, of the Swedish Democrats party. Ayling supports figures such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Jay Smith and others, saying:

We have got people out there who can win these arguments, people like Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Brigitte Gabriel.

How many experts do you want? There’s Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Bill Warner, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilders is an expert, fantastic, he can argue any of these, Pamela Geller, Jay Smith.

And if you think this is only our view, last year it was reported on how Jim Dawson, the founder of the counter-jihad organization, Britain First — who witnessed the takeover of the movement, which he founded as a Christian organization — uncovered a major plot to cause a violent civil war in Great Britain, being devised by Alan Ayling, EDL founder, Tommy Robinson, alongside anti-Catholic activist Anne Marie Waters, and major British elites, Malcom Pearson, former leader of UKIP, and the baroness, Caroline Cox, who is a strong advocate for Christian Zionism and a member of the House of Lords.
Malcom Pearson

Malcom Pearson


Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson


Baroness Cox

Baroness Cox


Alan Ayling

Alan Ayling

Jim Dawson recounted the meeting:

For some time I had been courted by ‘Tommy Robinson’ EX EDL re a new project that he was to be involved with when he came off licence. He and some others named as an, Anne Marie Waters, Lord Pearson and Barroness Cox where to set up and promote a ‘Sharia Watch’ organisation and were looking for me to provide the skills to enable successful fundraising, administration, merchandising and web presence similar to what I had done for the BNP and Britain First in the past. As a result of several conversations I was invited over to meet the interested parties and that was on the dates above.

“There was actually two meetings that took place on Thursday the 11th of June 2015 in the village of Great Offley . The first meeting was in the Green Man pub, beer garden at around 4pm where Mr Robinson arrived with a man I know  to be called ‘Dave Allport’ who introduced himself as an expert on extremism and was very friendly with Mr Lennon. I had the impression they were both singing from the same hymn sheet.

Also present were Paul Golding and Jayda Francen from the Political party Britain First and several security personnel also from Britain First and one other, an man who was there to observe at my request . This meeting was really one about Tommy and Paul and I was not really involved in any serious discussions.

As this meeting concluded Mr Robinson confirmed with me of our meeting later that evening and said that Anne Marie Waters would be present and Alan Ayling also would be there. This was arranged to be held down the road in the Red Lion Hotel at 7.30pm. No Britain First people were invited.

The second meeting in the red Lion was attended by myself, Ayling, Robinson and I had a person ‘observing’ from nearby.  They initially explained what they desired from me regarding the new organisation, which Anne Marie described as “ EDL with membership”

I explained  it would take at least £10,000 to start this project . Robinson suggested I get a cut of the profits, However, I pointed out the considerable costs involved and I would have to pay my people up front but after this initial investment a cut would be fine. Then Mr Ayling  said that once this was up and running they had  American ‘heavy hitters’ who would back the project, this was reiterated by Mr Robinson.”

…“As the meeting progressed I was interested in how they would attract a following given that the ‘right-wing’ anti Islam ‘market was rather crowded and Britain First had almost a monopoly on the scene. It was then the issue of cartoons was brought up.

Anne Marie Waters outlined her idea of a Mohammed Cartoon competition. It was also muted by the others that the displaying of cartoons should occur in towns and cities with large muslin communities both here in Britain and possibly in Europe. Robinson and Ayling  both contributed to this discussion.

However, it seemed to me that Ms Waters was very much the driving force in this enterprise. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that this idea was, as far as I was concerned, extremely dangerous and ill conceived.  I was becoming aware of the true intent of the whole operation and was seriously concerned at what I was hearing.

It became very obvious that the intent was to use the pretence of ‘freedom of speech’ to ferment a backlash from the Muslim community. This was not an opinion formulated by me but rather a conclusion based on statements from all three participants.

I pointed out that such a ‘stunt’ would definitely ignite the fires of a civil war and this had the potential to result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. During the conversation I asked Ms Water directly if it was a fair thing to mock any religious figure, Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Or the Virgin Mary as I, as a Christian found the deliberate mocking of my religion as a very annoying thing. She responded tersely that “she would do what she liked, whenever she wanted as it’s a fee country and it’s her right” I found this statement and the attitude to be at best rather juvenile and maybe even foolhardy.”

Alan Ayling and Tommy Robinson both stated that it was necessary to spark off a Northern Ireland style conflict with the Muslim community according to Downson

“At this stage in the conversation both Ayling and Mr Robinson interjected with comments regarding the necessity to ‘spark’ off a conflict as demographically it was better it happen now than in 20 years time when it would be too late.

Again I pressed as to whether they fully understood the implications of what they were saying and apparently they did. I explained the realities of the horrors that I lived through during the Ulster conflict and again this was seen as a sort of model for the overall plan as they were convinced that once the spark was ignited, that “there were enough Jihadists, gangsters and drug dealers with arms in the Muslim community to start a war”.

They believed that then in this scenario thousands of British people especially ex military folk would be drawn into an Northern Ireland like conflict and their organisation would be in a position to harness the people into some kind of structure and resistance movement.

Counter-jihadism is being used by eugenist elitists as a front to cover up their own motives of race war and mass slaughter and tyranny. The trap and the concoction is weaved so well, that anyone who goes against it will be accused of supporting Islam. This is exactly what happened to when David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller, declared that we have “joined the Jihad” for simply exposing Briebart’s Milo Yiannopoulos’ sodomite supremacist agenda within the counter-jihad. This conspiracy was further revealed by our colleague, Andrew Bieszad.

Similar to Jim Dawson’s experience, Bieszad was invited to speak at an event for American Renaissance, the central organization for the Alt-Right, a supporter of the nazi AfD, eugenics and Social-Darwinism, whose membership is filled with Jewish eugenists. On their website they even say: “Galton was also correct in perceiving that eugenics is the solution to the problem.” The same organization says:

“Eugenics is the obvious solution, but it is notoriously difficult to accomplish. If we in the West do not have the will to stop dysgenic reproduction or dysgenic immigration, Prof. Lynn predicts “the torch of civilization will pass from the Europeans to the Chinese.”

Bieszad did not know the evils of American Renaissance, he simply thought it was an event to expose Islam. What he saw shocked him, as it revealed that the counter-jihad narrative was simply being used as a front by the organization to further advance Nazism and race war. I interviewed Andrew Bieszad about this experience:

What is dangerous is how evil people are venerated simply because they are “against Islam.” One can be for Nazism, infanticide, euthanasia and homosexuality, and still they will be praised because they are “fighting Islam.” I especially find it interesting how people will act as though a particular “counter-jihadist” is some “final hope” or “bulwark” for Western civilization. Its quite a weak position, and one that emanates from an absence of convictions.

You have entire peoples in Europe who say that Christianity is the solution to the West’s problems, but they will not accept such affirmations, they want to indulge and tolerate evil, they want abortion, homosexuality and degeneracy. It is not a war between “the west and Islam,” between “secularism and Islam,” between “modern society and Islam.” As Jospeh de Maistre wrote, “it is the fight to the death between Christianity and philosophism.” It is a war between good and evil. The holy Scriptures do not say that Christ came to destroy Islam, but “that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8) 

These types of people think its edgy or courageous to come out and say, “Islam is not a religion of peace!” The era of it requiring some fortitude to declare that Islam is not a religion of peace is over; it began dying on 9/11, and has since finally perished with the huge media attention on ISIS’ videos of blood, gore and carnage. It really means nothing in regards to one’s moral fortitude if they say that Islam is not peaceful. Such words are being used to tout sacrilege, in the face of the masses who are angered at Islam and Muslim immigration. The anger against Muslims is growing so much, that the passions and emotions of the people are being enthralled and leveraged towards the ideological objectives of tyrants and debauched reprobates.

The immigration crises in Germany is not an invasion, it is an invitation for societal manipulation, to push the country to accept despotism. Political elites wanted the refugees, to cause enough chaos to push the people to be in favor for totalitarianism. Europe should have never brought the refugees. Yes. But, they did. And the question is why? As I have said before, when Merkel became chancellor of Germany, she had always played the anti-multiculturalism card, affirming that German multiculturalism has “utterly failed.” All of a sudden, she became for multiculturalism, being in support for the absorption of a million or so Muslim refugees, to the words of  “wir shaffen das” (“we will manage”).

Put her words against multiculturalism against her own actions, and it becomes obvious that the woman knew very well that the repercussions were going to be disastrous. The whole of the German government knew what destructive consequences were going to transpire. It is very conspicuous that the reasoning behind the absorption of refugees was not compassion, but a political agenda.

The agenda is societal manipulation: to cause anger, mass rage and frustration, to the point that the people will throw out all historical and political taboos, and look to up to people of supremacist and fascist ideology as the solution. Now Angela Merkel is saying that the refugee situation became out of her control:

“For some time, we didn’t have enough control… No one wants a repeat of last year’s situation, including me.”

Once Germany had enough of its quota of refugees necessary — in accordance to the agreement with Neo-Ottoman Turkey — for the second phase of transforming the country, now she is against the immigration plan. She knew what was going to happen. Its as if the powers that be wanted this to happen, so that they could create the problem and then make themselves to be the solution.

This is part of a conspiracy done between Germany and Turkey. The Germans made an agreement with Turkey to take in the refugees, knowing full well that it would change the political conditions of their nation, in order to pave the way to a totalitarian fourth reich, and for a future nazi alliance with a revived Ottoman Empire.  

It is not really against Islam that these people have their fight, but rather, it is against Europe itself. What made civilization in Europe, what made it go beyond savagery and enter the realm of virtue, was Christianity. And the calculative and sinister forces amongst us, who claim to be for “Western values,” are advancing disorder, are warring against the Faith that made Europe beautiful. They actually want to take us to a dark age, one reminiscent to pre-Christian times, where homosexuality, violence and sadism are an intricate part of society.

If the AfD, or some other people like it, ever take power over Germany, they will make alliances with the very people they are claiming to be against — the Muslims, specifically the Ottomans, and Eastern European Muslims like the Albanians (as they did against the Serbs in the 90s) — and they will make war with the very people they claim to defend: Europeans. This can be done through a peace treaty after turmoil and also through argumentation that there are “white Muslims” like those in Turkey and Eastern Europeans. Hitler did this with the Japanese; while seeing them as inferior, the Nazis nonetheless called them honorary Aryans. They also did this with the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, with whom they made the Muslims SS Handjar Division. The Germans did this before, when they trained Muslim Albanians and Bosnians for their SS divisions, why would they not do this again?

Like the Nazis before them, the AfD is already expressing hatred against Catholic and Orthodox, Southern Europeans. The AfD’s federal spokesman and co-leader, Joerg Meuthen, said:

“We [Germany] can have a common currency with the Netherlands, Austria, Finland or Baltic states. They have similar cultures of stability like ours, but the French have a different one, not to mention the Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks. They don’t want austerity at all.”

I thought it was about Islam? Why the attack all of a sudden on Southern European countries? I believe that this organization, and this way of thinking, when it takes power, will eventually turn against Catholics and Orthodox Christians. It is not surprising, that already the bulk of the voters in favor of AfD are Protestants and the irreligious, while the number of Catholics in support for this political party are very small, as we read in one German report.  

They are first starting incrementally, slowly introducing terms that are known to be National Socialist in nature, while claiming that there is nothing wrong with doing this. For example, the AfD leader, Frauke Petry, loves to use the Nazi term, “voelkisch,” a phrase utilized by the Nazis when referring to the “people’s” or “national.” It was used by the Nazis to distinguish the German people from the Jews and anyone else deemed “racially inferior.”

The Nazi propaganda newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter (“People’s Observer”), heavily promoted the concept. In 2009, German authorities began confiscating copies of the Nazi newspaper after the the publication, Zeitungszuegen (“Newspaper Witnesses”), began making reprints of it. Frauke Petry defended the term, saying that “voelkisch” does not signify any racism, and that “we should work to restore a positive connotation to this concept”.

German journalist Kai Biermann wrote this warning in regards to this issue:

“’Voelkisch’ is not just any adjective … Voelkischer Beobachter was the strongest Nazi daily in terms of circulation, it was the Nazis’ campaign sheet … The term ‘voelkisch’ is a synonym for extreme nationalism and even for racism. To this day it is a symbol of Nazism and its ideology of eradicating and killing anything non-German”

Nazism is going to retake Germany, and it will be thanks to refugees — absorbed in by European elitists — stirring anger amongst the populace to the point that they will accept despotism as the solution. This acceptance of totalitarianism will further divide Europe and spark major fragmentation and division that will be filled with violence and bloodshed, under the hands of the Germans and their allies — the Muslims and others (I believe Croatia will side with Germany) — and who will be watching? The Ne0-Ottoman Empire. The revived Ottoman Empire will ally with Germany in its war with Christendom, but I believe that it will first wait for this massive division and breaking down of Europe before it strikes. In a prophecy made by St. Francis of Paula in 1508, it says:

In Germany begins a dance
Which passeth through Italy
Spain and France

The war will begin in Germany, the evil will start there and it will cause a cataclysmic torrent of violence that will spread throughout Europe. The French may ally with Germany initially, but it will eventually side with its Catholic brothers, especially with the nations of the South — Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. — and it will prevail. This is in accordance with the prophecy of St. Paula in which she spoke of France as “the nation between the Rhine and the North Sea,”

“The people of the peninsula of Europe will suffer by needless wars until the Holy Man comes. The Lion will come from a high mountain in the enlightened nation. Then will the people of the half-moon of the tribe of Agar overrun many nations towards midnight and commit many atrocities. They will stay three years destroying everything. Yet, in the third year, will one of the unconquerable Eagles who reigns over the enlightened nation between the Rhine and the North sea, with a great army meet them by the mouth of the River Rhine and, in a fearful battle, almost entirely annihilate them.” (Click here to read further interpretation on this)

 Notice what she says: at first war will devastate Europe, and then will the Muslims make their attack. The Germans divided Europe through the Protestant Reformation, and the Muslims struck. The conflict of Protestantism would have easily been taken care of, “had it not been that political authority over the Germans,” writes Belloc, “already badly weakened and divided, suffered sudden menace in the very quick of the business from the great Mohammadan victory on Mohacs Field.” The German Luther, and the other reformers, caused the division, the Muslims capitalized on the chaos, and the factionalism in Europe was perpetuated. Germany today is causing another reformation, with the help of the proto-protestants — the Muslims — alongside German Lutherans, and this will divide Europe, foster back German tyranny, and the bloodbath will be perpetuated from an attack by the Ottomans.

*Special thanks to Rudy for helping with German translation.

  • filomena seiffert

    It is all planned by the cabal, transform the world in a chaotic war all over. No here has mentioned the strike Russia did on spot in Syrian killing 30 agents from USA, UK, Israel, Turkey, Catar, Saudi Arabia. Those agents were coordinating the terrorists to attack Syria. It was on the 22nd of Sep. Russia fired 3 missiles. We know who are the members of the cabal.

    • Julie

      I have been a member of the Marian Movement of Priests which is now just quiet cells of prayers of the rosary and reflections.

      Fr Gobi’s locution speaks of her triumph…but blood and violence on streets all over the world….another source who is an American says her triumph will begin with the economic collapse, the same time the violence breaks out.

      • filomena seiffert

        I used to be a member but after father Gobi had heart attack he dropped the locutions and the movement practically went into recluson. The world needs to be poor again, where all need to ask God daily for the daily bread, we need the chastisement to save souls. Come great tribulation, come.

        • Julie

          I think what set it back was in the early 90’s when he spoke of Medgugorje…and it seemed people with money could go and the rest of us were like left out.

          He pretty much said all he could, didn’t he? It is not here in this state, but the movement was a great comfort to those living in erratic dioceses.

          Yes, poverty and simple living is the answer…now have some time to resume my novena for our country, especially for the ‘none’.

    • Lidia

      The Oligarchs rule America, not “We the People.”

      • filomena seiffert

        But everyone is guilt, this the other countries sees it. As the world used to see Germany with the same labels. I do believe the horror of nazism was greatly inflated by propaganda. USA do demonize any country which does not abide its policies, Germany. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and it causes the economical fall of those nations and blame the governments. It is way it uses to make the people rebel against their presidents. I think at times, to go live in some shack into the Amazon jungle but I know it will not solve anything. It is no longer possible to escape evil anymore.

        • DeusLoVult

          “I do believe the horror of n*zism was greatly inflated by propaganda.”

          Inflated? What a vile little b*tch you are. You’re a [email protected] wh*re, aren’t you? I’ve no doubt you would have collaborated with them. Pigs like you should be deported straight to H*ll.

          And North Korea??? They murder MILLIONS of their own people! You are disgusting!

          And don’t think for a moment your upvote has escaped my attention, Willing. You’re just as guilty.

        • Grandmere

          You think about living in a shack in the jungle but you never will because you love living in the United States of America. You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen here. You are now blocked so I do not have to see the poison dripping off of your fingers as you type, type away.

  • racarrera

    It was a pleasure to help!

    • Ratliff

      You sir, are the MAN!

      • racarrera

        Thank you, good brother, but Ted did all the grunt work. All I did was clean the rust off my German and put polish to a thing here and there. Ted’s instincts are excellent for language. He should pursue them more.

        • magaforever

          Why didn’t we nuke those der duchen sausage fags in the first place

          • Стефан Евгений

            Why nuke them when you can use them? I met and spoke in German to Wernher von Braun, at my school here in America. America knew full well these guys background and looked the other way.
            Americas answer to blow things up to solve a problem never works.

          • Andrew Bieszad

            I would be interested in hearing more about your meeting with Herr von Braun. His family is very influential in Huntsville, and in the words of a local, there are two groups who control that city in private- the old confederate money on one hand, and the Nazis via the von Brauns and their associates.

          • Стефан Евгений

            He was a soft spoken man, who smelled of tobacco.
            I think NASA must of had a program of school talks on the Rockets, that were being built in Huntsville.
            My parents were horrified when i told them about my day in school.(they knew more than I did) My German and Russian were good as a child i was happy to use it. Papa enforced English only at home.
            Arkansas has a huge German community.

          • Andrew Bieszad

            Interesting. The Space and Rocket Center near Redstone Arsenal has a veritable shrine build to von Braun, conveniently scrubbed of his entire NS past.

          • DeusLoVult

            Because we can’t use them. 29 million Soviet troops were killed by those vermin. And even more civilians. Blowing things up works quite well. Look at Chechnya. Russia bombed them into submission. It’s not just an ‘American thing’, you know.

          • Стефан Евгений

            I was “tongue in cheek” on the first part. to have used them was wrong. The horror that these men brought is with us even today.

    • AnthonyM


  • Brenda

    One giant messy spiderweb not to get caught up in I’d say.

  • Trevor

    What is that saying? The more things change, the more they stay the same?

    All the sudden now, the idea of living in caves, mountains, and wandering the desert sounds just appealing than to live among civilization.

  • Doc

    I have never doubted that Nazism would return, because at its root is demonic activity. I predict it will actually be worse this time because the Devil knows his time is short.

    • James

      Well said. It seems that all the old evils are all coming back to hit us at once; Islamic invasion and Nazism. Old monsters returned for Satan’s last futile throw of the dice

      The ‘immigration crisis’ (flood of Islamic invaders) started in January 2015, so “in the third year” puts it into 2017, the ominous Fatima centenary year. Which is also the anniversary years of quite a few errors; Freemasonry, the Russian Revolution, Protestantism. International Women’s Day (Feminism) began also in Oct 1917 which is an error of Russia the west has accepted.

      Anyway hopefully through the kind grace of the Blessed Virgin Mary all these plagues will be gone next year.

  • Julie

    This news…never heard of any of it before.

  • Actually I examined it and deleted the story and approved your comment. You just could not wait until we moderated the comments and put your tongue in slander mode.

    • Trevor

      Here, Walid, this is why I no longer consider Andrew to be a credible writer.

      He never once considers how much power and influence the evil, ungodly Saudi monarch has over America and the West’s foreign policies. It’s always “Blame America” card and never the evil Saudi’s fault nor of Erdogan’s manipulation of America’s intelligence community in order to deceive America to militarily forcibly remove Assad. Remember Obama’s “Red Line” speech? Nor has Andrew ever made any mention of how Turkey has massed their armed forces for months on the Turkey-Syria borders and looked the other way when ISIS was freely walking across the border, actively recruiting Turks to fight for ISIS, or that the only reason Turkey suddenly invaded Syria was because their pet project, ISIS, was getting whooped badly by the Kurds.

      Did Andrew ever considered any of those in his writings? No. He simply plays the “Blame America” card because of his obsession with Fatima and the 3rd Secret that is allegedly supposed to be Russia going to war with the West.

      Putin is doing his damnedest to not to go to war with the West because it is a lose-lose situation for all parties involved, and the Saudi knows this. Turkey knows this.

      • filomena seiffert

        It is true, they are evil but USA is the guiltiest as I said to nobody, , because has the power and uses it to conquer every nation on the planet. Financed Russia communist revolution and then demonized her, no compassion for the millions who were tortured and killed and live a miserable life under the communists. It has been be the financier and instigator of all coups d’etat in the planet, trowing heads of states or assassinating them, it has caused revolutions all over the world, it raised false flags, murdering its own people to have the excuse to attack others, it is driving the whole world toward a conflagration without precedents which certainly will have us all blasted in smoke. Putin is the only leader in the wold with brains and decency. USA is guilt as hell. Take the blind off your eyes

        • Trevor

          There’s that word.


          Always that word, that damnable word. “But.”

          I rest my case.

        • DeusLoVult

          “no compassion for the millions who were tortured and killed and live a miserable life under the communists.”

          Absolute bullsh*t Did you never hear Reagan’s 1964 speech? Americans did give a d*mn about enslaved peoples of the Iron Curtain.

          “It has been be the financier and instigator of all coups d’etat in the planet, trowing heads of states or assassinating them”

          LMAO All of them? The Communists overthrew far more governments than we ever did.

          You’re a lying, slandering, rotten SOB. And you have the intelligence of a goldfish.

          • filomena seiffert

            And you have the intelligence of snail. The ‘good’ alzheimers president Reagans, was selling arms to the Contras in Nicaragua and el Salvador, and then went dumb as if he knew nothing. How many governments Russia overthrew, I know for sure, that all latinoamerican countries had a revolution and a coup d’etat by USA, Asia, middle east, Europe all suffered the iron fist of USA. The worse blind is the one that do not see. YOU ARE A SCUM BUG, AND YOU ARE NOT SOB, YOU ARE A BITCH.Go kiss the ass of the cabal, idiot.

      • DeusLoVult

        I completely agree, Trevor. And Andrew shuts his ears and closes his eyes when anyone tries to contradict him. (Yes, Andrew, I see you responded to Trevor, but the point still stands) The WW3 scenario you have presented is absurdly far-fetched.

        • Let’s just sit on the sidelines.

          • DeusLoVult

            No, the front line is in dearth enough supply of good men like you already. We can’t afford to have you sit on the sidelines.

    • JamieAllen

      “Nobody” thinks you, Shoebat, is supposed to know all things and always be correct. Maybe he’ll join in the mercy of Christ on us poor humans, some day. Who knows?

    • filomena seiffert

      I do not know what Trevor or Nobody is talking about.

  • richinnameonly

    More reasons to climb in bed, pull the covers up, and never come out.

    • Grandmere

      Thanks, Rich. With things so grim, I needed something to make me smile. XO

      • richinnameonly

        If I have my security blanket and extra flashlight batteries I won’t get too scared.

  • Стефан Евгений

    What good would it do blowing them up? America and England did a good job at that, I saw what was left of Germany after the war. What good did it do? USA brought Natzis to work in the US Government.

    • magaforever

      Lol that seems apparent

    • Grandmere

      We did such a good job that we had to spend a fortune rebuilding it under the Marshall plan. Americans! We like building things and we like blowing things up.

    • DeusLoVult

      If we had nuked them, we wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore.

      What good did it do? Did you see any swaztikas flying after the war? No. That’s the good it did. And it was your people who obliterated the other half of Germany, you know.

    • Yes, they brought in a lot of them to work with the military and Nasa. Operation Paperclip.

  • Nichole

    Very good and informative article. It makes you want to cry but I had rather know the truth about who, what and why there are those determined to destroy this world than live with my head in the sand and in ignorance.
    Thanks Ted and Rudy for your work on this and sharing to inform us.

  • AnthonyM

    Very interesting insight. It would be nice if you were wrong, but what you are saying makes sense, unfortunately. The Nazis, the Eugenists, the Globalists will use any road to each their goal.

  • AnthonyM

    Interesting, that after a series of shock defeats to the anti-mass migration AfD party, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to “stop illegal immigration” and send failed asylum seekers back to their home nations.
    Note there is no promise to scale back normal, approved, immigration. Nothing is said about the agreement with Turkey to funnel refugees into Germany. Her words seem to be a small step to controlling the chaos.

  • filomena seiffert

    It is not not because Islam is no a religion of peace, its the historical facts of muslim brutality and dominance. They need to stop the wars and sent muslims back to their country of origen

  • To refute is to refute each quote.

  • Grandmere

    You should change your name to Megaton. You take no prisoners, bro.

    • magaforever

      Lol just seems like the logical choice

    • Стефан Евгений

      He loves blowing things up,how very American,Lol

      • Grandmere

        Stand back! We don’t want to get toasted by the blowback.

    • magaforever

      Maybe I’ll change it to magaton

  • filomena seiffert

    I am sending the message in Portuguese to the Germans. Cria vergonha na cara alemanha, nao bastou a divisao, opressao e pobreza causadas pela estupidez de voces em seguir as demandas de um lider louco e totalmente possuido de demonios? Voces querem voltar para esse tempo depois de todo o progresso que fizeram? Voces chamam isso de inteligencia? Vao tomar vergonha na cara!

  • infowolf1

    if you examine the history of naxism, it started small and with varying degrees of its later adult form. Burschenshaften is doing the same baby steps at first then more and more.

  • infowolf1

    that vision of Washington’s was believed by many, showing the poor instincts of the people at large since it reads like what it is – tabloid made up fiction emotion stirring, “inspiring” and empty. the writer admitted it was made up.

  • Kamau41

    Now that is what I call rock solid leadership. Using Megaton Power.

    • magaforever

      Lol I think it would just be common sense

      • Kamau41

        Unfortunately, common sense ain’t so common.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Well, the German establishment has used the police to keep the toothpaste cap tightly on and the muslims keep squeezing the toothpaste it will explode and you will toothpaste on the ceiling and in the cracks of the floor, bringing out the cockroaches. The problem is not the cockroaches it is the mental paradise the establishment lives in. The people are in a burning building and they want out.

  • Стефан Евгений

    I agree with you… in my part of the world the locals pointed out where the OUN-UPA were hiding to the Red Army. The farmers were sick of all the killing, the farmers hated the communists too but saw them as a lesser evil.
    infowolf1, forgive this hard head Rusin. I will lite a candle for you too.

    • Grandmere

      One with a nice, golden flame I’m sure.

  • Стефан Евгений

    WB, I happen to be one of those “evil Russains” this is really rich coming from a guy that supports the USA and Germany actually putting a Natzi party in power in the Ukraine.

    • Grandmere

      We are, indeed, a motley crew. XO

      • Стефан Евгений

        We really are.

  • Lidia

    Ted, this video with Andrew is very interesting.

    • Grandmere

      Andrew is young. As he gets older, he will get wiser. Old people are wary of every stranger with a pitch.

      • Стефан Евгений

        How true Grandmere, people can “hang noodles on your ears” fool you.
        вешать лапшу на уши

  • Since you used the analogy of “prostitute” because of your “interactions” with them, you would know that the pimp is the most dangerous one since they are the one that controls the prostitutes and make them hopelessly dependent on them.

    Did that cross your mind? Hardly.

    You simply play up to a specific readers, the anti-America crowd, and so far it is working because I give up. It is totally useless to try and reason using history of how the Saudi’s oil has controlled America since the 1930s when the American replaced the British as world power and has been that way since.

    You guys win. I quit.

    • Grandmere

      I agree, Trevor. In ten years, provided we’re still here, maybe he will be ready.

      • Kamau41

        Indeed Grandmere.

      • I am getting really tired of managing a comment section which is taking away most of the time I need to dedicate to God’s service. It is quite easy when a thousand people have an opinion, then they quarrel over it, but it is another when I need to monitor them all. They always change the subjects, they cling to their pet bone, they do not see that we are all different as if everyone must think like them … I do not agree with Andrew too on certain issues, but so what? I tolerate it.

        I think I will resort to Mt. Sinai for now and let the crowds resurrect their calfs. Hopefully this entire generation dies in the desert so that Joshua and Caleb enter the promised land.

        • It’s my fault. I opened my big mouth.

          I’ll say no more on this matter and self-impose a week of silence on your blog.

          • It is not your fault. Some tend to see America is the source of all evil. Some see Saudi Arabia, Islam … BOTH are right in someways both are wrong in other ways. We destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya … its a fact. But does that make Saudi innocent? No. It is the mother of harlots, not the U.S.

          • That is the source of my frustration, the lack of balanced perception, and based on research I have privately conducted, it is enough to convince me that, based on your own life experience as a former Muslim and knowledge of the Koran, that indeed, Saudi Arabia is the mother of harlots.

            Including in the research is evidences of how the America successive administrations have often accepted evil while looking the other way. Example: Operation Paper Clip after WWII, and then the infamous hostage crisis at Mecca where the CIA covertly converted their agents to Islam in order to aid the Saudi in freeing the hostages. I think it was Eisenhower’s administration that placed our military in Saudi Arabia to be on 24/7 alert to defend the oil facilities.

            So when I see lopsided arguments for one side without seeing the counterbalance, that’s where I just get frustrated.

            I could easily make the argument that Russia is just as bad as America since Russia sides with Iran and shield them while America sides with Saudi Arabia and shields them.

            But, you are right about one thing, and I’m guilty of doing this as well, making issues out of other issue instead of addressing the article itself.

          • Missing my whole point. FORGET YOUR DEBATE WITH ANDREW.

        • Grandmere

          I do not believe that I deserved that, Walid. I, however, will not say a word in my defense.

          • Believe me Grand. I NEVER once thought you did any wrong. Neither here or neither there. I was speaking of others. See how you misunderstood my plight?

          • Grandmere

            Chef, you can find me in the walk in cooler. I’ll be saying a prayer to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots.

          • Just like Trevor. I say fry falafel, she says she’s going to the cooler. I say go to the cooler she says I will fry falafel. I even try to find your number, and I have no trace of it. I am asking for a little help on the cash register and now I have to go find the cashier. She’s in the bathroom they say. I holler at the bathroom and no one is there. I go outside and the cashier has her head buried in the falafel dough.

      • Grandmere, Let’s just sit on the sidelines.

        • You get me wrong. It is not you or Grand or Andrew or this argument. I am turning to whom I think are my closest friends hopefully they can understand. Grand, you, the two Bricks … even though I do not know what happened to the other Brick.

          I see a subject about Germany. A Fourth Reich is probably arising. Deception that at times neither I, Ted or Andrew have fathomed in the past. We see the smoke on the horizon, we report about the possibility of a fire. Then I come to only see (and its almost always the case) arguments, NOT ABOUT THE FIRE, but about side issues. I even had a priest condemning me to hell on my comment section causing a divide. He does not write me directly, but he writes my readers. Obviously he did not care about that one lost sheep (me) but cared more about showing other sheep that I was damned by insisting that my motives were to cause a ruckus. Then I show the priest real wolves in sheep clothing in another article and he completely disappears. He vanishes. Have you heard of Fr. Higgins views on the topic? No. His views now were sent to me privately. Not a single word about the priests who sold out Christ’s Manger. Not one. Why? It is because he fears the publicity and his superiors. Where is the priest shepherd who is to risk his life for the sheep?

          There is one type of person I hate: the coward.

          When Christ began his ministry, he was followed by a minion of cowards: the disciples. Maybe perhaps John was the only one with courage as he came to His crucifixion. Can any of you even imagine that besides what our Lord suffered on that cross, that He must have been hit with loneliness as His beloved disciples fled and never even came to bid the Lord farewell. A bunch of cowards then became the most brave men history ever documented. But why? It is because they first examined their wicked hearts. They remembered what the master said of Jerusalem “How the faithful city has become a harlot”

          They remembered all His words “hypocrite …”

          He encountered a system that was no longer honoring God, His Temple, the priesthood … they cared more about the letter of the law rather then the essence of the law, justice, mercy …

          It is this that is my goal. What I see is grumbling Jews in the Sinai. Give them Manna and they want meat. Give them meat and they still complain through their nostrils. They never shut up and everyone thinks he knows the answers.

          We did not know the answers. We were trumpeting the horn of the wicked. We even preached that Germany would never be like Turkey where in Turkey they would condemn the Armenian Genocide they would go to prison and while in Germany, deny the Holocaust and you go to prison. We thought this would never come to pass. As we see, it will. We were wrong.

          We grow and we learn. Here comes a child, Theodore to correct me and get me out of my comfort zones.

          I listened to him. I did not ignore the morsels that God speaks through babes. Listening is made of gold. Speech is made of silver. Everyone is filled with speech a few even listen. This is why I resorted to writing versus speaking.

          Therefore, I bid this comment section farewell. I am tired. I will resort now to Mt. Sinai while the crowds build their golden calf.

          It is easy to spew words on a comment section. But for me, a person who tries to take every word, every instruction every rebuke, every dot … seriously… I’d rather be crucified with thieves. Bickering multitude who think they are better than the Jews of Egypt, when they are as unworthy as the Jews in the Sinai who heard the voice of God and still were rebellious.

          It is time to fast from talking as I shall remove the comment section, but had though to let you know first to get your views before I do so. Farewell.

          • I hear you loud and clear. Like I said, it was my fault. My mother did warn me my mouth would get me in trouble.

            Indeed, Father Higgins has never responded to your article from Sunday, which I thought was a good one.

            Indeed, my own comment from Sunday is staring at me in the face, “Christians can be the most immature bunch,” and “At times, God’s own children needs a swift kick in the pants.”

          • Your heart is like mine. We take all the blame. This is a good virtue Trevor. Nothing to be ashamed of here. Just think about this. Who will I go when I am frustrated? God? But even God appointed friends for counsel. Are you and Grand and the others not my Jethro?

          • I’m not worthy to be a Jethro. Not since I behaved and slandered Andrew. Best if I just be quiet.

          • No one said you slandered Andrew.

          • My conscience did.

          • This is driving me crazy. I say apple you say oranges. I say oranges you say apples. I say apple, you say orange juice.
            I say think. Lets see what you say.

          • Think?

  • Diana

    Matthew 5: 10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,
    For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    11 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    The NSDAP didn’t grow in a vacuum Nobody, some kind of thing alien to German thinking and practice. Look at the work of people like Paul Manning and David Emory, the Third Reich went underground, and now that WWII is almost out of living memory, these guys are set on round three with a Greater Germany dominating the world. One thing they are doing is trying to get the victors of 1945, the USA and Russia, at odds with each other.

  • Стефан Евгений

    I never said you did . You are correct on Beck, I was talking about Glen Schmuck.

    • WB

      Oh, my apologies I guess it is I that misunderstood…lol

      • Стефан Евгений

        No problem, it’s hard to have a conversation in black and white.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Really a Nobody, for personal attacks then running off. It gets rough in the comments section sometimes, but you’d do well to actually learn from these good brave men, the Shoebats. Stick around and offer constructive criticism if you will.

  • Nan

    Can you translate it for us?

  • Gloria

    This is amazing and troubling, thank you for putting these pieces together for us Ted. It’s unbelievable the depths sick Godless people will go to for control.

  • Juan

    Nazis and Muslims are both fighting against Russia. The United States are helping them shamelessly. Vladimir Putin is in the same situation of Alexander Nevski… I am sure that Russia will see also in the future a new Dmitri Donski.

    NATO is a nazi organization.

  • From the frying pan into the fire! I agree with your assessment that this Muslim “invitation” was done deliberately to create an end. This has been obvious from the beginning. Order out of chaos. Crisis, reaction, solution.
    And how could the evil of Sodomy not find a place in this? Several of these photos, especially those two men covered with tattoos…I couldn’t help but think they have the look, the facial expression of flaming fags!
    It is very common for tyrants to use a certain group of thugs to round up and eliminate certain undesirables and then have them killed. It was the case with the Brown shirts. Who will the modern brown shirts be?

  • interesting incite.