Major Egyptian Christian Bishop Declares ‘We Christians Have Done All We Can To Forgive Our Persecutors But The Muslims Keep Butchering Us And Nobody Cares’

Bishop Anba Angaelos is episcopal head of the Coptic Church for the United Kingdom. In a scathing analysis of the situation in Egypt, he said that Christianity was being wiped out and that Christians have done all they can do to forgive their persecutors, but unless something is done they will be massacred at the hands of the Muslims:

At least 40 Coptic Christians have been killed in “targeted attacks” in Egypt over the last three months and many are being warned they must “leave or die,” a prominent Coptic bishop has said.

Coptic Bishop Anba Angaelos, the general bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, issued a statement Tuesday decrying the escalating violence the Christian community in Egypt has faced over the last several weeks.

As The Christian Post has reported, there has been an ongoing series of murders of Christians and deliberate attacks on the Coptic community in recent weeks, some of which Islamic State militants in the Sinai Peninsula are believed to be responsible for.

Angaelos has said the number of Christians who’ve been murdered in recent attacks on the Coptic community is now up to 40 in just the last three months.

“I have now drafted and redrafted this statement numerous times over the past weeks, wanting to say something about the deadly attacks experienced by Coptic Christians in Egypt on a daily basis. Yet every time I do, there seems to be a new and often more horrifying attack that needs to be addressed,” Angaelos wrote in a statement shared with CP. “In the past three months alone 40 Coptic Christians have been murdered in targeted attacks in Egypt.”

“From the [Dec. 11] terrorist bombing on St. Peter’s Coptic Church in Cairo that claimed the lives of 29 mainly women and children, to the murders of individuals across the country since, the one common denominator is that these innocent children, women and men have had their lives brutally and tragically ended for no other reason except that they are Christians,” Angaelos said.

“Incitement by terrorist groups that call for the killing of Christians in Egypt has spiralled over the past weeks to the extent that lists of churches and individuals have now been released as desirable targets,” Angaelos explained. “While persecution is nothing new for the Coptic community, this escalation of attacks over the past months, culminating in the most recent murders of seven Christians in Al-Arish, has resulted in the displacement of hundreds forced to leave their generations-old homes in North Sinai.”

“These horrific attacks have gone largely unnoticed by the international community, but Copts continue to suffer tragic violations daily,” Angaelos added.

Angaelos asserted that crimes against Christians are “religiously motivated.” He points out that in many cases, extremists have circulated flyers in villages that tell Christians to “leave or die.”

“Similar events have tragically occurred far too often over the past years, and there is unfortunately little deterrent to prevent them from reoccurring,” Angaelos added.

“In our fast moving world that is filled with so much news of tragedy, war and death, it is all too easy for atrocities to become ‘incidents,’ and for individuals suffering them to become mere statistics, very quickly pushed aside by the next item of news,” he continued. “In the eyes of the perpetrators they are a viable target, and in the eyes of the world they become a regrettable phenomenon; yet what is actually left behind is traumatized individuals, families and communities that have lost loved ones, living the reality of themselves being targeted.”

Angaelos further emphasized that even though Copts in Egypt have faced persecution and atrocities, they have done their part to remain peaceful and forgive their persecutors.

“After the destruction of over 100 places of Christian ministry and worship in August of 2013, the bombing of various churches across the country in the last decade, and the targeted killing of clergy, families, women and children, purely for their faith, the community and individuals within it remain non-violent and resilient,” he stressed. “Despite there being condemnation of these attacks by national government and authorities, there is yet to be a consistent robust and fair implementation of these same sentiments more regionally and locally.”(source)

The Bishop’s insightful comments align with our experience here at through the Rescue Christians project. While it is good and ideal to try to keep Christians in their native lands, the reality is that these people do not have anything left for them in their native areas. Their homes have been destroyed and along with that the communities, economies, and social networks that make up any human society. Left without any means of sustenance and only able to rebuild based on what foreign money comes to them through donations in combination with the facts that they are isolated as minorities in a hostile Muslim-majority area and the peoples have been thoroughly demoralized and crippled by fear from the attacks, they are completely vulnerable and will be massacred as soon as a Muslim individual, group, or government decides to kill them for any reason.

As the Bishop has said, the Christians of Egypt and really, much of the Muslim world have faithfully done their part and more for keeping peace and trying to build a healthy relationship with their Muslim neighbors in spite of differences and have continued to do it even while they are being abused, cheated, tortured, and murdered. However, like the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”- the Christians can do anything and have all the hope in the world, but unless the Muslims are willing to do their part and reciprocate then nothing further can be done.

The decision that has been made by these Muslims and their governments is clear. Either they are unable to or they are unwilling to put forth a good faith effort to help the Christian peoples of their lands. Whatever the reason, the inaction of the Muslims to uphold their social responsibilities as human beings towards their fellow man is not an excuse for inaction and as we at noted from our experiences, it is not the time to give the impression of offering help as a political cover for doing nothing. These people are the actual refugees who need to be relocated to the West and other areas because if they are not helped, they will die.

Christianity has survived for 14 centuries in Egypt, and while I do not want to simply “give up,” the fact is also that the welfare of these people come first. Buildings can be rebuilt, economies can be recreated, civilizations can be restored, even if it is a long and difficult process. However, lives cannot be restored once lost.

At the same time, this incident, while sad, is another reminder to Christians that in the struggle with Islam, Christians cannot simply “submit” to Islam because that is simply buying time before your inevitable death and destruction. Christianity has always been at war- a war against all evil for the salvation of the souls of men. In a war, there is no “middle ground”- there is a winner and a loser.

Christ has won the final battle through the cross, but the war for the souls of men will rage until the second coming. That said, it is why Christians must not only be prepared to suffer persecution and help the persecuted, but also to wage active war- spiritual and physical- against the wicked to seek to pervert and destroy God’s people. Just as the Christians of Egypt noted that they can do all they are able to but unless the Muslims are willing to reciprocate, nothing can happen, likewise the Christians can do all they can to be peaceful and avoid physical war with Islam and Muslims, but the fact is that such is as only as good as Muslims are willing to honor it, which they will only do so in as much as it is to their advantage before turning to physical war.

Prepare yourself accordingly, soul, mind and body, for as Islam rises in the West and Christianity becomes a hated religion more than it is already, the horrors of the old world will come full circle. Christians will have much to suffer for the sake of Christ, but they will also have to rise up and meet and defeat the Muslims in physical combat just as the Christians of old did for centuries.



  • Wilma Mills

    Wonder what would happen if they fought back? Dumb question. They’ll all be slaughtered.

    • Cuzick

      Yes they are in a terrifying place. They cannot fully fight back without the backing of the government .The muslims are looking for and making up reasons to slaughter them sooner than later. Continue to pray .

      • Kevin Nicholson

        Yes, and support to realize the hope we trust Christ to accomplish through us His militant church. Godspeed Cuzick.

    • John Deer

      That is why the CHRISTIAN WORLD must now Stand Up and destroy each and every Muslim wherever they may be on Earth, in the same way they are busy to do to Christians. The POPE and the Vatican will not help you as the Pope is friends with Islam.!!!!

      • “The POPE and the Vatican will not help you as the Pope is friends with Islam.!!!!”

        And neither will you. You will sit on the beach while you tell others: attack, kill …

  • gold hands,

    Do you know how much effort Rescue Christians tried to work with Copts in Egypt? Once they know we support Israel, they become terrified and they flee, priests, leaders … all of them.

    I have met with their representatives here on Capitol Hill and not one wanted to lift a finger for their people in Egypt.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the
      door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. ‘He
      who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as
      I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’” Revelation 3:20-22

      Thank-You Walid.

    • Brick

      Mr. Shoebat, is there any other way to help them?

      • We tried everything. So far we succeeded in aiding one family get out to Europe. It cost around 15K by the time we were done which we do not discuss detail since these people have family left behind.

        • Brick

          great! I don’t want to details, but I do wish I will support in the long run. I had a dream last night saw myself giving money to rescue Christians and saw you face to face and said “please use these money to save our brothers..”.

          • Bless your heart sister Brick. You dreaming about Rescue Christians means you think about the noble cause during the day. Whatever you give, do not go beyond your means. At this time our budget is doing fine. The budget isn’t the problem at the moment even though the giving is much lower than before. The last two years because of the persecution in Iraq and the ISIS killing of Copts and such stories the giving was much higher. After Trump people think that Trump will take care of it all and so the giving for the cause of persecution has plummeted by about half. But that is okay. We kept a big reserve for the next coming years. What we will do is while we keep our slave rescue program is wait for when all hell breaks loose the next few years. Currently pray that we find a safe haven for Pakistani Christians. We are studying East Timur.

    • racarrera

      The truth hurts, but it must be spoken.

      • Kamau41

        Amen, Amen.


      Thank you for providing a voice of authority and experience on the subject. Realities on the ground for Christians in affected areas are ominous, by all accounts. Retaliations against Christians have increased because muslims are blaming the Coptics for the fall of their Muslim Brotherhood Government, and the installation of SiSi. Ironically enough for the Western world, SiSi is an ally in waiting! …one who has called for a Reformation of Islam! Exactly what the Western World has been waiting for. Sisi gave just such a speech, declaring that the 7th century brutalities are not appropriate for the modern world, and must be repudiated in a reformation that will allow islam to take its place in the modern world. That means subjecting the koran, believed as we all know by muslims to be the timeless, authentic, accurate words direct from allah to the people of the world, to the kind of scrutiny that the Judeo/Christian traditions have endured, and grown from. I personally am not particularly optimistic for a Reformation for islam, but it’s the necessary direction, or islam will end up in conflict and the ash-heap of history. I voted twice for Obama, but was disappointed, deeply, that he ignored the speech because he felt the ‘democratic process’ was ignored in the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood Government…8 mos. in power before millions demand they be removed, must be a kind of record for a short honeymoon. But lastly, his final gestures of not-vetoing the UN Resolution that has breathed life into the anti-semitic bds movement and the attacks that have increased upon Jews across the world, it’s tragic. With that to deal with, it’s disheartening and frustrating to see Christians being attacked, whether in their homes as minority members in muslim dominant countries, or in ‘refugee’ centers where discovery of their religious affiliation can mean exclusion from help, at one end, to out and out attacks on the other. Why we are not defending and helping more directly, is to our lasting shame.

      • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

        The problem is, given the supposed “inspiration” of the qurrupt qur’an, islam is IRREFORMABLE. Take away a piece of the qur’an as “inappropriate” to one age like ours, and the entire house of cards collapses, as it should.
        Sura’ 69:44-46 is where Muh’d BOASTS of what al-Lah would do to him “IF he were a false prophet.” About ten years later, those things were EXACTLY what Muh’d described happening to himself, as he lay dying, in June 632.
        See Dr David Wood’s excellent YouTube, “Who Killed Muhammad?” (HE should get an Oscar!!! — & HE could talk SENSE from the stage on receiving it!)

  • rodolfo

    This is what i fear. muslims slaughters christians and unbelievers. christians vengefully fights back. What Abrahamic religion shall be left? Will that be the One Religion left?
    Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.

    • Ray Kemper

      I don’t have that fear because they can try but the Lord will see us until the day of the resurrection

  • Grace Ziem

    This is also a right to life struggle! Christ, when teaching to love our neighbors, used the example of Samaritans; another culture, another language. It violates all Christian teaching to care less than we do for the unborn! If Christians here protested this as we do abortion, more action would be taken. Where are the protesters? Where is the supposedly “Christian” administration?

  • Exactly what I am talking about, except their is another option. They deal with a Coptic entity in the U.S. which we deal directly with a U.S. contact and this way its Egyptian Coptic dealing with American Coptic in the U.S. Church to Church.

    This is feasible. We only need to find the right priest who has what it takes.

  • Not that I know of Cornelius. The problem is that with Trump election most have concluded that he will take care of the Christian persecution where this plummeted donations that I can tell you. What people perceive is what determines the donations at least from my perspective which is a negative result.


    Yes, they can call police, but to do that is to invite another problem. The police are not sympathetic when they are called because teenagers were throwing rocks at Christian homes and shouting taunts and threats. What happens is the police usually find something to charge the Christians with, and since they are not sympathetic, the police leave and then the neighborhood would take revenge. Please read some accounts, you’ll gain an understanding of what minority relations are like with muslim majority countries…eventually, they all end up 90+% islamic, and that is not by accident, rather, the continual harrassment, the dhimmiehood of old, makes either fleeing or converting to islam the only reasonable choice if a person is to be practical, and is trying to maintain children.

  • Ray Kemper

    And let us all pray it happens very soon for the sake of or brothers in Christ.


      there are other things we can do TOO

      • Ray Kemper

        Have you noticed how the muslims went on a 400 year Conquest before the pope declared that it was necessary for the Crusades? We’re not going to start a new Crusade at the drop of the hat. Our Faith and reason is love first then if necessary we strike hard and fast. We didn’t have to go fight for 400 years and we recovered from the onslaught of their first conquest. God bless and keep the Faith in Christ.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          ok ignore reality and claim to be about ” truth ” … do you call 911 a hat drop , women beheaded children raped v, you are complexly lost . yes we should have fought it 400 years earlier your logic is the same that killed 6 million Jews , complexly ignorant betrayal of reality and righteousness “drop of a hate ” now I am totally disgusted , go to your room get down on your knees and beg god for forgiveness for enabling evil go sit in the corner and THINK not with a dunce cap on but a thinking cap then go write on the chalk board “911 was not a drop of a hat my apologies Christine lee Hanson ” as many times as terror attacks have happened since 911 which is more than 911 times by far ! you are not keeping the faith in honoring lies and liars , Trumpocrat and the left want you to unite and have “solidarity ” with the lies and followers of Satan himself , isn’t that ” great ” ? just like Trump told you mu$lims are “great ” and that we should ” heal “our traitors (seriously you “Christians ” FELL FOR that ! ), rainbow dreamer head stuck in hole narratives re4sold by trump like “Muslim partners ” you didn’t even bother to notice Obama ASLO said ? heavens no the crusades should not wait wake the heavens up ! “sorry ” ( no I AM NOT ) Paul Revere is not going to tip toe around and use his inside voice walking on eggshells for jihad enabling antii crusader Trump nor his sheep Christians ! let the lion Christians loose by letting the REAL TRUTH loose !

  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    The Christians have survived more than “14 centuries in Egypt”! They have been there for TWENTY! It is “14 centuries UNDER the HEARTLESS JACKBOOT of islam!”

  • “Take up Arms”

    And where are your arms?

    Treading water on the beach?