Major Terrorist Supporter And Muslim Convert Declares To Muslims ‘Don’t Worry About Going To War- Conquer The Infidels By Outbreeding Them’

I have been warning what this woman is saying over and over:

A Sydney Muslim psychologist and ABC religion contributor writer has called on her ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’ to keep reproducing so their religion can one day overtake Christianity.

Hanan Dover made the seemingly tongue-in-cheek comments on Facebook next to a story predicting that Islam will surpass Christianity to become the most popular religion in the world by 2070 – along with the hashtag #creepingsharia.

The Pew Research Centre, based in Washington DC, this week released research forecasting Islam’s share of the the world’s population will equal the Christian share – at roughly 32 per cent in 53 years’ time.

Ms Dover, who works as a psychologist at Bankstown in Sydney’s south-west and is a court-appointed psychologist for terror suspects, posted a Facebook message about those findings.

‘Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,’ she wrote

‘We need not do anything except exercise our Weapons of Mass Reproduction.

‘The most non-violent approach of taking over the No. 1 spot through love making.

Next to the word ‘takbir’, which an Arabic Islamic term for ‘God is the greatest’, she included the hashtag: ‘creepingsharia’.

Ms Dover is the founder of the Mission of Hope charity for Muslims and runs eight psychology practices in Sydney, known as Psych Central.

She is also a controversial figure.

The Australian Federal Police last year alleged she knew of plans by Islamist sympathisers to leave Australia and fight with Islamic State but she had said nothing, the Herald Sun reported in September 2016. Ms Dover denied the allegations. (source)

Again, I told you so.

The problem that Europe, America, and fellow “Western” countries have is not overpopulation. That is an egregious lie. The problem is underpopulation.

Population math is very simple. Either you are having more people and your society grows or you have less people and your society contracts. If you have to few people for too long, your society will disappear in its current form and be replaced by another people who moves in. That is just the hard fact of life.

The Western world is dying by suicide because it does not want to have children- the people are likely having more sex than ever before in history, and yet no children because they have refused to breed for almost a century at this point. The numbers speak for themselves.

Pope Paul VI warned about the dangers of contraception and abortion and he was laughed at by the entire Western world.

The Catholic Church warned about this with the Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae under Pope Paul VI. People laughed at the Church and said they need to “get with the times,” including the clear majority (>95%, but probably closer to 98%-99%) of Catholics, but the fact is that the evil fruits of this action which the Church warned about are starting to happen.

I am sick of hearing “save the West” and “stop the Islamization” while these same people continue to contracept and abort their own progeny out of existence and humiliate others who do not follow suit. Yes, the Muslim population influx is indeed to blame, but that population influx either would not exist or would be significantly mitigated and able to be resisted if you people had not chosen to spend your money on big houses, fancy cars, overpriced vacations and $300 steak dinners and instead invested in into the most important gift you can give, which is another life and the continuation of your family lineage.

It does not matter what politician you put into power, what laws you pass, or how strong your army is or is not. The fact is that until the people of this society stop rejoicing, protecting, promoting, and then using all legal force to prevent people from stopping them from murdering their own children or unnaturally and repeatedly interrupting the conception of children, then nothing will change. In fact, you are getting what you deserve because your daily actions dictate the will of your hearts.

But take heart, because God loves a repentant sinner, and if you are willing to cease doing evil and to do good, you not only have hope, but so does the West. But that hope begins with repentance, taking responsibility, and then acting. In this case, it means having children.

So if you have a vasectomy or had your tubes tied, check into getting that reversed or untied (it can be done). If you are unable to have your own children, look at adopting one of the many thousands of children who need a mother and a father. If you want to adopt and give birth, consider adopting an embryo– a conceived, fertilized egg and a living child cryogenically frozen in a laboratory in what is nothing less than a scientific and moral horror of today- and give that child the gift of life that God has made for him.

“Western society” today cannot survive in its current form so long as filth like this is legally enshrined and socially accepted. God will not be mocked, and if Jesus Christ, Who is Love and Mercy itself, would come down and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin, then He will surely not spare the “West” that has spat in His face and mocked Him openly. Evils such as this must be purged from the midst of society or else God will purge the West from the Earth in His great Justice.

Now having children is one part of this picture. Many, many things in the Western world have to be purged from the midst of society because they are evil. Indeed, many things will change in the future and the world we know today will be very different. This is a hopeful thing, for the future is not set in stone because God is the author of history. You can still change the end of this story- or perhaps even write a new one so long as the people stop living in sin and for sin and begin living for God.

God has given you all of the rope you could ask for to pull yourself out of this mess. But is up to you to do the work- don’t take the rope and make it into a noose to strangle yourself.



  • Ceirwyn

    I’m not convince the numbers are as low in the US (at least) as they want us to think. I see way too many folks with kids. I suspect they’re lying with statistics about the drop over here by treating the elderly and over-large boomer generation as some sort of horrible abnormal die off, while ignoring that importing more and more people will make the number look smaller in proportion to the general population. I think it’s all propaganda.

    That being said, I do think the Muslims have a lot more kids. Too bad for them that religion isn’t genetic, and they have no guarantee their kids will stay Muslims. Just as we’re seeing Muslim areas where Muslims are converting in large numbers, the same will happen with their kids. No matter how many Christians vanish from one group, God will raise up more; that’s the major flaw in their logic.

  • Juan

    The West needs to eradicate the culture of death (abortion, homosexual propaganda, self-hate as a culture, etc.) but the main thing is to DESTROY FEMINISM that is the keystone of all this scum.
    Having said this, may be pope Paul VI isn’t the better example because he probably was a homosexual related with actor Paolo Carlini. He was appointed by Freemasonry because using balckmail he was easily manipulated to achieve aggiornamento/modernization of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Polygamy must be banned in the Western world. I might also add that same sex “marriages” do nothing to expand our population, either. Every child deserves to have a loving mother and father because every human being is comprised of male and female aspects, from chromosomes to hormones to pheromones to skin and bones.

  • Higlac

    That in itself tells us who Jorge Maria Bergoglio – Francis I – truly is: an Antipope who’s going against God’s Word and Teachings.

    I hate to have to judge him so; particularly as I have LONG AGO renounced the idea of myself having children (thanks to, first, my troubles with my late parents – who said “we hope your children will be to you what you’ve been to us” – and second my mental troubles, which were not discovered until well after my late mother’s death, although there were reasons for suspicion beforehand!!!) – which leaves me open to some extent to being labelled as a hypocrite. However, what kind of a “Christian” would I be if my progeny were to plague the world the way I have ended up doing???

  • paulette barrow

    Yea they breed like rabbits and we kill unborn babies quicker,so yea i could see this happening at a pretty fast rate

  • paulette barrow

    The pope is the false prophet who is for a one world religion